Did Hurricane Dorian victims rise from the dead? Official number was 52 then 50 now 51… What is this?

COP Anthony Ferguson

NASSAU| It looks as if some deceased Hurricane Dorian victims are rising from the dead and all we can say is how are they confirming these recovered bodies in the affected islands?

Last week the Commissioner of Police announced that there were 52 victims of the killer storm that have been confirmed dead. But for more than a week now the number has not climbed an inch, but in fact is declining to 50.

Today, though, the Commissioner of the Royal Bahamas Police Force issued this release: “…as of Monday 16th September, 2019, officers have located and recovered forty-three (43) deceased persons from the island of Abaco and eight (8) from Grand Bahama bringing the total amount to 51 confirmed deaths. Shortly after 10:00am, the decomposed body of a Caucasian male was recovered in Marsh Harbour.”

NEMA announced that some 1,300 persons are missing. Some believe they are all dead but no one is giving any real account as bodies are cramped in trailers awaiting some identification. In the Mud and Pea communities, thousands are feared dead and may never be identified. One must wonder what will the government do now to correct this?

It is in times like these we wonder where is Transparency International. The silence is deafening.

We report yinner decide!