Dion did not know who march on Labour Day



Dion Foulkes, Labour and Maritime Minister speaking on labour matters in the Senate, but cannot find the time to walk with workers in this country?

When we said the Ingraham government could careless as to what happen with workers in this country we were not joking. Ingraham can now credit himself for positioning the most careless, WUTLESS Gussimae Cabinet in the history of the Bahamas! During the Senate budget debate, Dion Foulkes noted that he was away on at a labour conference and minister Earl Deveaux represented him on the Labour Day parade. But that was not so! Who remembers it was the sickly Carl Bethel who was just outta hospital seen jumping up and down and smiling like he was just released from Sandilands on the Labour Day parade and Carl Bethel spoke to reporters. Now we are wondering, was this why Hubert fired Earl? Possibly after firing 1,200 government temporary workers he could not walk with the people anymore?