Director of Immigration proves he is highly unprofessional when engaging senior staff!

Clarence Russell – Director of Immigration

NASSAU| The Department of Immigration has a rude Director who appears to be completely unprofessional in the discharge of his duties.

Just this week the Director, Clarence Russell, was on an online meeting with both senior and junior officers within the department and began rowing like a bunchie but behaved like a banshee in the meeting of professionals.

Russell began castigating senior officers, arguing that there is no succession within the department. 

Now Russell is not knowledgeable about Immigration law, but, upon entry into the department three years ago, the claim was his purpose for coming into the department was to create succession.

Three years later, and still as senior officers leave the department one by one, proper training and succession has yet to be achieved.

BP is holding a close eye and ear deep within the department as officers are sick and tired of the leadership of Clarence Russell. They tell us something must be done or else they will leave the department for him to run all by himself!

We report yinner decide!