Dis We Bahamian Praise – HAPPY EASTER BAHAMAS!



  1. Beautiful!

    How awesome! A Nation giving Praise to our God. Although ‘Holy Week’ has passed, this has been an inspiration, and a blessing to watch. Thank you, thank God. Blessed is the Nation whose God is the Lord…. Psalms 33:12.

  2. Good morning to the one million bloggers to BP I want to join in with RUSSELL JOHNSON and FERN in wishing everyone a happy Easter,and thank GOD to be a proud BAHAMIAN.

  3. Happy Easter to all my fellow bloggers. You make interesting posts all of you. May God continue to bless each of you (PLPs & FNMs) as we journey through life and make this great country of ours BETTER for all.

  4. Happy Easter fellow bloggers as I go to church to pray for all of you.Forget our spats which I fully enjoy and learn from.Cant imagine life without this site and wonder how we made it through life without it.BP you are the best and many thanks to you for providing an outlet where public awareness has been heightened and policy changed.

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