Disable Man is 99th Murder Victim Stabbed to Death Near Church Graveyard


Chairman of the National Crime Council, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham battles with violent crime problem on the rise. Too many murders and NO solutions. Murder record worries foreign embassy officials.

RECORD BREAKING AND NOW THE BLOODIEST DAY OF THE YEAR! Bahamas Press in now confirming the death in hospital of shooting victim Gemico Jones. Jones, you would remember, was a victim in the early morning shootings on this past Thursday. He becomes the country’s 100th murdered victim in 2011.

Nassau, Bahamas — Saturday 17th, 2011 has turned into the bloodiest day of the year in the history of The Bahamas. It climaxes the bloodiest week of murders in the history of the country, and it recorded the bloodiest record of murders to 99, bring the country on the heels of triple digits for the first time ever since records began.

Young men, women and children are being maimed, attacked and massacred all across the country each day, with scores of cases still unreported and others left unrecorded.

The bloodbath continued late this afternoon as the country’s latest murder occurred near the St. Matthew’s Anglican Church graveyard. The discovery was made sometime around 3:00 PM today.

The victim we are told was a cripple man believed to be in his 40s. Sources say the man was a frequented hustler at the Potter’s Cay Dock. Eyewitnesses tell us the man was just in a heated row with a security guard, who was near an insurance complex in the area.

This victim, believed to be drunk at the time,  was discovered laying in the dirt and out of his wheelchair. Someone stabbed the disable multiple times, including a stab deep wound into his mid section. The victim was pronounced dead on the scene.

This latest incident records the sixth murder in three days, all happening just hours apart following the National Day of Prayer.

Meanwhile, police have confirmed the name of a victim murdered in the Ridgeland Park area on Thursday morning. He is 32-year-old,
Clayton Smith.

We report, yinner decide!


  1. Young gent I strongly advise that when the opportunity presents itself, that you catch the first plane or boat out of New Providence, or the Bahamas in general.

    Looks likes young Bahamian men killing other young Bahamian men willy nilly over the stupidest of things. Seems like in the coming years, their is going to be a big disparity in ages among men. You would have the very young, that is, persons under 14 and the moderately old, that is, over 35, with a large open gap encompassing 15-34.

    In five years, I challenge persons to find viable young men, and I don’t mean joonsers and gay prostitutes, in this category. They would either have been killed out, or would have left NP for safer horizons.

    And I sympathize with you as it relates to young gals. All the decent young women that went off to school in the U.S or London stayed there, with only hoes and hoe-apprentices remaining.

    Whatever ‘good’ young gals that were left, compared to the hoes, have a buffet of fellas to choose from. That’s why they can pick choose and refuse, and play silly dangerous games that can get you cut-up or killed.

    American Eagle flies to Mia FL daily. Be on one of them flights.

  2. as a young man in da bahamas its scary, da senseless killings amongst each other is ridiculous. everything is difficult , jobs r only given by whom ya knw or if ya giving up something,then da government playing a role cuz its like murder is da easiest thing to get off in da bahamas, da system all about da money, then da young women settling for anything ,morals and standards are da only 2 things they DNT have,ya cnt find a nice young lady who honest, u meet them, they tell u oh im single then da next thing ya knw ya in problems cuz she have bout 3 different guys and da guys want kill ya cuz they to stupid to see these girls only into themselves and wat they can get , smtt, its scary here in da bahamas, da chinese and haitians can cum here and get along but we cnt!!!! boy i dnt knw , all we can do is put our trust in God and pray, cuz he’s most definetly on his way, we livin to bad in dis lil country.

  3. I agree with all of the above comments. Whenever immoral practices become the basis upon which a person is selected for a job you are setting the groundwork for a morally corrupt society. In such a society, anything goes and persons make excuses for the moral and other failings of their selectees.This is why our police are in such a mess. These political appointees are good at carrying news and undermining others but, once they get the positions they cannot deliver. I do not know how this mess will end but, based on my reading of history it will not end well for us!

  4. This is not just the police problem, this is everybody’s problem in the Bahamas. We have to stop blaming other and try to see where we can help. If we keep talking about the woman hoeing, the men doing this, then we will always have a problem. STOP blaming and start doing. We can begin by being our brothers and sisters keepers and try to be united again. Some of us have to come down off our high horse and start helping others. As simple as talking to a person, you sometimes know where they are headed and where they are. All of those in the church, you need to be real and stop faking because the hurting ones out there can see that, Please everyone out there can help try, sometime it is in our own neighborhood and we are so up up, we look beyond them, please from this night, please try to help someone, even if it is just to talk with them. There is still hope and we have to think positive, and be there for someone, if we want this Bahamas to be better. Without God the people will perish, so if we say we have God, then let us do something here in the Bahamas.

    • I agree Jane. And that person that states hoeing, is actually involved with a person that does that. Particularly in the past. And the person has a lot of clout, more than us, to help a lot of people, but only wants to help when cameras are around, not in private where they can’t be mentioned in the paper or on talk shows.

  5. These crimes need to stop, these evil men need to stop getting bail. Lock them away and throw away da key!!!

  6. This is generally what happens to a society that has no morals and standards when it comes to raising kids. The fellas committing the murders now are the same kids from yesteryear that we saw begging on the streets; asking for sponsorship using some bullshit piece of paper; walking in the downtown area after midnite selling bungie, being pimped by their no-good mudda. Or worse, being told that they too good to weed yard like the Haitians.

    Additionally, these gals doing chit are the ones who grew up in dysfunctional homes with the ole-lady bringing in a different nigga every nite, and telling them ‘ya gat to use what ya gat to get what ya want’.

    We need to face facts and admit we living in a nasty tiefing murdering hoeing country and act accordingly.Aint no police force gonna save us ya know.

    If you aint ready to kill, then you better be ready to get killed. The cripple fella is an example of that.

  7. Man what is this Bahamas coming too…..when are we going to turn back into a nation what was enjoyed by all….everyday we killing each other…these some serious times dred

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