Disgraced former FNM Chairman caught up in a murder for hire plot took his show on the road and the room was empty!


Bahamians are not interested in listening to anyone who could be a potential criminal

Michael Pintard town meeting ends up in a flop.
Michael Pintard town meeting ends up in a flop.

Nassau, Bahamas – Michael Pintard took his show on the road tonight up at the Worker’s House hall, just off the Tonique Williams Darling Highway.

The event was promoted as a “Stand with Us” message, which attempted to attract discouraged FNMs angered by the present leadership in the party and the country to follow him and lend their voices to the movement.

The event sponsored by Save Da Bays, [the embattled environment group meddling in Bahamian politics these days] had few attendees and left an entire section of empty chairs. The room was partitioned to reduce embarrassment at the poor turnout. What a flop!

Pintard you would remember resigned as Chairman of the FNM following a released recording of his negotiations in the Hilton downtown Nassau on March 19th, 2015. The recordings revealed Michael Pintard engaged in conversation with two alleged hit killers from Bain Town – Livingston “Toggie” Bullard and Wisler “Bobo” Davilma – who we believe will become Crown witnesses to the murder for hire plot trial against members of Save The Bays [Pintard’s Employers].

Pintard, in a performance reminicient of his earlier dramatic theatrical plays stood to the dimmed lights on the stage with huge screens discussing what he suggests as the problems of the nation; crime, unemployment and mistrust of government, as well as opposition leadership, omitting his own guilt and culpability for the existing status quo.

He also had some choice words for what he described as “unsavory characters” behind websites and pseudo names on the attack. [AN OBVIOUS REFERENCE TO TEAM BP].

We want to remind Pintard that had we not shared his Hilton Hotel criminal recordings with the “alleged” murder-for-hire characters – The public would not have gotten a word from him. He would have still been Chairman of the FNM, corruptly employed by the destabilizing Save the BAYS camp and by now have had Toggie and Bobo collecting money from the TCI Bank [British Bank] while their untested, fraudulent, false, fake affidavits, which he [Pintard] dishonestly negotiated. Had we not meticulously done our job, then Pintard, the Enabler, would have successfully presented a completely different picture to the Bahamian people!

Firing Michael Pintard for being untruthful, deceptive, deceitful, dishonest, false-hearted, corrupt and dastardly wicked behaviour may have been the most decent and rewarding decision that the FNM Leader, Hubert Minnis has exercised in ridding his party of ‘duttiness!!!

In short Michael C. Pintard should not be speaking to the Bahamian People about anything. He – if he had sense – should join Bobo and Toggie and turn crown witness in the murder for hire plot scandal!

And to respond to Pintard’s claim about some “unsavory characters” behind websites let us remind Pintard of this fact: No one on our team has ever had the need to or have we ever experienced the need to be examined by police for having partaken in a murder for hire plot! We are decent people at Bahamas Press. We told the public of Pintard’s criminal misdeeds as we are always on the side of truth!

Now, what Pintard should tell us is who are the real “unsavory characters” financing his failed efforts?

We report yinner decide!

Plenty chairs in the room partitioned off after few persons showed up.
Plenty chairs in the room partitioned off after few persons showed up.