Disgraced former FNM Leader Minnis refuses to answer questions on stolen Food Programme Funds but turns up his 2021 campaign paybook of lies… #dalyingking


Minnis wants FNMS to replace Pintard and Sands as leaders of the Party as he tours across the country!

Hubert Minnis was courted by the press at his rally in Garden Hills last night. Members of the Press boycott Opposition Leader Pintard’s event in Centreville.

NASSAU| The campaign for leader of the Free National Movement has begun and well once again both Michael Pintard and Hubert Minnis hosted meetings in the middle of Lent.

Disgraced former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis who BP has now identified as DA NATION’S LYING KING was back on the campaign trail Tuesday night refusing to answer questions about more than $54 million fleeced from the public in the Food Programme and over $1 billion in accounted funds in bills left under his wutless leadership.

Minnis along with the Nassau Guardian launched its campaign against Michael Pintard; sending the message to the public that a Michael Pintard and Duane Sands leadership in the FNM will result in a second term from the PLP. We say the Guardian because while the morning daily was at Minnis event, there was a no-show at Pintard’s meeting in Centreville. Ah WELL!

Just like his poorly managed 2021 General Elections campaign Minnis turned his political darts on Prime Minister Davis, who is now celebrated around the world as a breath of fresh air in the Bahamas. 

With record-breaking employment and stellar return of business and opportunity for Bahamians Minnis ignored the fact that the Bahamian economy has made a 180-degree turn for the better into the RIGHT DIRECTION. 

But rather than speak the truth as to why his horse and pony show has arrived in Garden Hills, Minnis lied, lied, lied, and lied some more about Davis – something he was notorious for leading up to his election defeat in 2021.

Minnis rallying around the country however proves one thing, which is the fact that he (Minnis) is campaigning (crawling like a snake) his way into the leadership of the Opposition Party. Something BP warned FNMs about in 2021!

Minnis wants the leadership of the FNM and he wants it badly. But if Pintard was smart he will not call a Convention until 2026 when a General Election is due and by extension ax and chap down every former Cabinet Minister rallying with Minnis denying them all any nomination at the next general elections. But this is not Pintard and this is why the leadership of the FNM remains shaky!

We also heard that Pintard held an event in Centreville to show his support. But a look around the room could not even find a cameraman. Pintard is in trouble and da lying king is making his way around the country telling lies once again!

We report yinner decide!

Disgraced Long Island MP Adrian Gibson on the ground backing Minnis to remove Pintard as Leader of the FNM!
Former Christie General Ricardo Smith in deep dutty red backing Hubert Minnis to return as Leader of the FNM. WHAT IS THIS? He too appeared at the Minnis for Leader rally in Garden Hills last evening.