Disgust, Disappointment and Dissatisfaction set in at Immigration with Actg. Director Clarence Russell

Clarence Russell is a waste a time.

Dear Bahamas Press.

The entire staff of Bahamas Immigration Department has had it with Actg. Director Clarence Russell and has unitedly expressed their disgust, disappointment and dissatisfaction to the P.M – the Most Honourable Ever. 

Now it appears that Actg. Director Russell, who has embarrassed the government beyond measure, is set to be replaced in short order. 
It is being said that Russell may find himself back at the Passport office to bring order to the fiasco now taking place in that department.  

Russell’s days at the Immigration department are swiftly coming to a close and not soon enough as the staff of Immigration will be more than happy to see Mr. “Braggadoshish” shuffling out of Hawkins Hill for the last time soon. 

Well Praise da Lord.

Disgusted at WUTLESSNESS!