Bahamas Press bids farewell to Rev. Sammy Saunders

Rev. Sammy Saunders

Nassau| It would be safe to say that time is moving quickly and many of the great citizens of our time are bidding us farewell. And so today we at Bahamas Press want to pause and give thanks to Our God for the life of Rev. Sammy Saunders who passed away on March 1st at his daughter’s home in Eleuthera.

Sammy was a quiet soul with a big, big heart and a wide all-embracing smile, which was contagious to all he met.

He was the baker/owner of The Just Rite Bakery just near the Collins Wall right in front of the western edge of Columbus Primary School on Collins Ave. [south] and Wulff Road. The building, where the famous shop once fanned fragrant exhausts of treats, is still standing. However, the odor of freshly baked pastries, bread, pies and tarts no longer fills the air throughout the area.

Sammy was a caring soul with a deep belief in Jesus Christ as he poured himself into giving back to his community. He worshipped at the East Street Cathedral, right there on Lilly of the Valley Corner just across the way from the former BIG ONE Shoe Store. There, inside on a Sunday morning with the strong messages from the late Bishop Harcourt Pinder, Sammy brought church to the walls as he sang solos regularly in praise. He loved music and, more importantly, he loved to sing.

And, if you add to this his gigantic heart for people, you cannot forget how he brought cheer every year to the innocent as he hosted a big birthday party for the underprivileged in the community at McDonalds. This was a most happy treat for him.

You know, I am not just celebrating his life because he was kind to me, but through his many examples of Christian charity Sammy brought life, hope and inspiration to the poor.

Some afternoons my journey took me to that side of town and it was time to stop and pick up a sweet treat after a long day. Sammy would come out of the back, dressed in his baker’s uniform, to engage his customers. I can see him now as if nothing in the world affected him. Happy always. Smiling constantly, singing and moving busily to please his patrons. And, if you thought what you bought was enough, there was Sammy ready to add a second and a third desert to the items purchased – for free. He knew how to turn a tough rough day into one of appreciation and grateful praise. One could not help but to take from all this lessons of sharing, caring and giving to others. And so today as we bid him farewell we add that the earth is richer – not poorer – because of his kindness to many.

To the family and all his children on the passing of our beloved Sammy Saunders, we at Bahamas Press celebrate his life today. And for all his kindness and acts of charity, compassion, humility, kind-heartedness and love which filled the hearts of many, we pray that the GOD of PEACE, LOVE AND MERCY forever be with him and receive his soul and welcome him into that place of eternal rest. AMEN!