Distraught bedridden mother begs the nation to “please help me find my missing son!”


39-years-old Kenneth Shawn McKenzie has been missing since last week Tuesday!

39-years-old Kenneth Shawn McKenzie

NASSAU| A mother is bedridden tonight after her son Kenneth Shawn McKenzie has been missing in New Providence for the past seven days.
The mother, who struggled to speak with teams at Bahamas Press, is distraught over the incident.

Maria Rolle-Nathan said, “As a mother, I have that gut feeling that something is wrong and my condition of extremely high blood pressure has me bedridden right now. He was washing cars and was last seen by persons going to wash a vehicle. He is 39-years-old and he walks with a limp on his left leg. I really need to know where he is at.

“About two months ago he was beaten up by some boys and his teeth were knocked out in that incident. The police have a record of that incident which was scheduled for the courts. Please, I need all the help I can to locate him.”

She told her last direct encounter with her son was after an incident where he just over a week ago he was having an argument with a close friend over the phone around 2 am in the morning.

The mother told BP, “You would recall the stabbing death of a student, Perry Rolle, Jr. last year? That homicide victim was my nephew. He, you would remember, was stabbed by a student from T. A Thompson. And while preparing for Perry’s funeral, Sherry Rolle, my sister, was dragged by a public bus just days later and she died. This is just too much for me. Last year was pain and right now with all that is going on I cannot take anymore.”

The mother said her missing son loves Gambier, Fish Fry and Potter’s Cay. “He is a fisherman by trade and this development is causing unbearable pain,” she said.

Ms Nathan said she cannot take another hit on the family and cries for the public’s help.

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