Freeport, Bimini workers spread Covid to Cat Cay

Cat Cay

BIMINI| Three staff and construction members of Cat Cay Yacht Club have tested positive for coronavirus while 27 other workers are in quarantine.

In a letter to club members, management said, “30 staff members and construction members arrived on Cat Cay from ‪Bimini‬ and Freeport on Monday. All were tested upon arrival and sent immediately into quarantine.”

Results revealed that two staff members from Bimini and one worker from Grand Bahama tested positiv‪e. ‬

All 30 members who arrived on Cat Cay on Monday will continue to remain in isolation and will be tested again.

The government’s worst fears have been realized as the coronavirus is now spreading to other islands and cays following the opening of borders, which have now been closed again.

“The club president, the executive committee, the clinic island doctor, the Covid-19 medical response director and senior management are all working together in coordination to ensure that the risk of exposure to our staff and members is mitigated as much as possible,” according to the letter.

“Please understand that this is a very fluid situation. We are currently working on contact tracing to identify possible exposures and we are also working with government medical professionals,” it continued.

The three employees are among 20 new cases confirmed at 11:30 last night.

Health officials said two of the cases are from Bimini, two are from Cat Island, six are from New Providence and 10 are from Grand Bahama.

Ten infected people had to be hospitalized.

This brings the total number of confirmed cases to 194. There have been 107 confirmed cases of COVID-19 on New Providence, 69 confirmed cases on Grand Bahama, 15 confirmed cases on Bimini, two confirmed cases on Cat Island and one confirmed case originating from Cat Cay.