DNA candidate driving around with a gun? WHAT IS DIS!


This can’t be our choice of Da PEOPLE TIME EH?

DNA Candidate with a gun? WELL WAIT!!!!

Mario Lockhart – DNA Candidate….
Nassau, Bahamas – They say it’s the people’s time, well your number one news source for information gat plenty to discuss in dese 17 days. We ga help yall decide on dese people seeking to run yinner national business!

Tonight we at BP ga start off with the DNA candidate for Nassau Village, Mario Lockhart, who we ga ask, “Where is da gun?!”

The candidate is now hiding on facebook where photos of him appeared social media with a gun! And with the gun resting on his chest with another photo of two members of da ‘slack pantie gang’ feeling him up.

Now we at BP ain’t gat no problem with the gals, but what happened to the gun? What is issued to you? How ya got it? Was that a licensed weapon? Or was that an illegal weapon?

We ga ask the question again; WHO DOES VET DESE DAMN FNM/DNA CANDIDATES?

Up to press time the DNA had not issued a statement. Branville McCartney no one could find, and well the damn wutless media of the Bahamas never on the jobs.

We report yinner decide!