Documents in Cabinet shows how the Minnis Government stall of the Andre Rodgers Softball Stadium will cost taxpayers an additional $4 million!


A BP SUNDAY SPECIAL >>> Stadium Crane, Fuel, Insurance and Preliminary costs slaps a $147,000 monthly bill on taxpayers from May 2017 through June 2018 – LOOK HOW THEY ARE WASTING THE VAT MONEY!

The proposed Andre Rodgers National Baseball Stadium complex stalled and costing taxpayers millions.

Nassau – The Cabinet of the Bahamas is learning that its decision to stall the Andre Rodgers National Softball Stadium has resulted in losses racking up to $4 million dollars and counting.

Documents presented to the Minnis Government reveals that its singular decision to stall the project has resulted in a cost overrun of more than $146,000 per month from May 2017 through June 2018.

Documents presented in Cabinet papers also showed how the stalled project has racked up huge costs to the taxpayers on the crane, fuel, insurance and preliminary costs.

Some argue that these racked up costs might be at the heart of the real reason why PM Hubert Minnis removed Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture, Michael Pintard, from his post last week Monday following a shuffle. Pintard, just hours before being told he had to leave the Ministry, informed staff on why 2019 IAAF World Relays will not be hosted in the Bahamas.

The reason given was because of an attempt to save money by the government; however, stalling the National Stadium forced huge the cost overruns within the department budget for that one project [Andre Rodgers Stadium] to drastically climb, removing any possibility of hosting or sponsoring any more events. More sponsored events and festivals could also be canceled! The Budget is finished as a result of the Minnis Government’s Stop, Review and Cancel policy and the bad poor wutless decisions of its former incompetent Minister of Youth Sports and Culture Pintard.

We are learning the government is about to resume construction on the Andrew Rodgers stadium. We are still unclear if a new contractor will be granted the contract to complete this project.

We report yinner decide!