Does Bell Island Owner have an Interest in Cable and Wireless?


Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Inrgaham allowed no bidding in the BTC sale. WE WONDER WHY?

London, UK — There are governments, which run the affairs of the public in absolute transparency and accountability, and there are some who operate in absolute obscurity; they hide and lie about almost everything. The Ingraham Government is one such obscure bunch that continues to sell the nation in a fire sale one item after the next.

Readers would remember how they “TRUSTED” the Chinese to build roadways, namely the new four-lane highway that will run from the LPIA in the western area of the country. The Chinese are now here, and again they say not a damn word to the public. There has been no official ceremony, no announcement and no bidding process for the construction.

The same was done for the construction of $120 million city roadway overhaul “Trusted” to an Argentine company, Jose´ Cartellone Construcciones. In this case, while there was an official signing over ceremony there has been no local participation in  the construction.

Bahamas Press wonders what kind of message has been sent to the hundreds of construction, piping, drilling, Mack truck operators and paving companies in the country? Have Bahamians become foreign to their government? Or are we simply being ignored?

Today it is BTC, the fatted calf, which pays the government $100 million annually in dividends. Here lies a company, which earns over $361 million gross every year, is now being sold for chicken feed to a Caribbean fruit called LIME [Cable and Wireless].

Hubert Ingraham
boasted how he made lemon-aide out of Baha Mar, but failed to tell the people what cocktail he mixed in the BTC deal. And here is where our story begins.

Documents shown to us by officials in the Office of the Prime Minister confirm the PM upon his last visit to London met with the owners of Cable and Wireless to possibly seal the deal on the sale of BTC. On that same trip many would remember, he also met with the owners of the third largest telephone company in China. But while that meeting was announced, not a damn word was said about the meeting with Cable and Wireless. We wonder why?

Residents are familiar with the new terms associated in the BTC deal. The Ingraham government is actually selling the cash cow for far less than it is valued in the market. The $210 million amount announced last week has since been drastically reduced. More than $15 million will be left in the bank to fire workers and the people of the Bahamas will pay some $45 million back into the company for pension holdings. What is the net result? The mongrels we elect to office will sell our asset for less than $150 million, and will sell BTC this time to foreigners, with interest in a subsidiary of Cable  and Wireless who may also be associated with Bell Island – Exuma Land and Sea Park Massacre! Somebody needs to come clean even if they come rough dry.

Keod Smith the last man left standing to defend the enviornment of the Bahamas. Smith Saved Clifton and is now on a warpath to defend protections for the Exuma Land and Sea Park Reserves.

Readers would remember Keod Smith’s battle to stop the dredging on Bell Island and we all are now getting a clear picture of the whole painting now hanging in public view. The owner of the island may have a 51% ownership in one of Cable and Wireless subsidiaries, and here is where our story gets interesting.

Hubert goes to London, meets with C&W owners and he says nothing to the public. Meanwhile his sidekick Earl ‘Helicopter’ Deveaux approves the dredging at Bell Island for whom?

What is more mind-boggling is this; there has been no bidding or announcement of potential bidders in the “fire sale” of the telephone giant. The Ingraham Government largesse to the principals of the London base Cable and Wireless company is indeed striking, and will be the timber to strike this ‘Wutless’ government out of power for years to come.

How could men and women sit in the Cabinet and witness this backside rape of Bahamians? Maybe because they are “IN THE ROOM” and the action is sweeter than what meets the eye “OUTSIDE THE ROOM”. Whatever the case may be all we say is this; what is happening to the Bahamian people is criminal and 5 years in the opposition jail would not be enough. Some people may need to be hog tied and publicly whipped.



  1. The FNM campaign slogan said: “A matter of TRUST” – they are telling us all along – they are the agents of the Bahamas National Trust (BNT). The plutocrats within the Trust (BNT) control the organs of economic power in the Bahamas – Banks, financial institutions, insurance companies, land (much land they quieted ) wholesale food source, vehicle companies, high end real estate, their lawyers control foreign investors portfolio etc. Hardly any black FNM lawyers get those accounts. The masses are not represented by government today – Bahamians are controlled by a FNM political party that looks like they are of the masses. In fact they are the servants of descendants of the UBP plutocrats that has merged with most foreign investors! Get real Bahamians and see the consequence of their deeds in their policies. Yes it is political it always was and our plight can only be solved politically! Educate yourself Bahamian and take your country back before all of it is gone. Start with the disbandment of Bahamas National Trust – it is a pseudo protector of national parks an designated protected areas of the Bahamas!

  2. The Bahamas is not for sale – it is sold already! The FNM evolved out of the PLP; it is financed by a UBP syndrome. Its policy is a carbon copy of the Bay Street boys White Knights Eastern Road doctrine: keep blacks and poor white Bahamians in a economic stranglehold. Clearly the FNM government is their gatekeeper – giving them more economic control, coupled with foreign plutocrats that are consolidating their control of the Bahamian environment both protected (national parks and designated protected areas) and unprotected areas. The BTC deal ought to be 49% government, 49% Cable and wireless and 2% employees of BTC and Bahamians only! FNM government lawyers are supposed to represent the Bahamian people. They are representing their little greedy interest and outsourcing the country to economy to foreigners! All natural resources belong to Bahamians – sand, aragonite, rock etc. they must never be controlled by plutocrats local or foreign – their best deal is 49%! Bahamians must be educated about the environment; it is our future. We must never allow it to be outsourced – as the Bahamas National Trust has done since 1959. When it was established they did not have the majority of Bahamians in mind! Its the environment stupid!

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