Cable and Wireless LIME clarifies BP report


Nassau, Bahamas — Cable and Wireless LIME has shot down questions involving The Aga Khan as being a owner in the telephone giant and have further asked Bahamas Press to retract our report.

In a statement to BP the company stated:

In your efforts to deliver the news, we are pleased to share the facts with regard to C&W ownership.

CWC is 100% floated on the London Stock Exchange.

The largest shareholders are US and European pension fund managers (normal for big listed companies).

The only link with the Aga Khan is that our Monaco business, Monaco Telecom has a small investment (20%) in a mobile business in Afghanistan, called Roshan.

Roshan is also part-owned by the Aga Khan’s development fund, Akfed. We don’t run Roshan and we have almost no contact with Akfed, let alone the Aga Khan.

Monaco Telecom is just a joint shareholder in Roshan, along with a third investor, a Swedish telecoms company called TeliaSonera.

The Aga Khan holds no significant shareholding in CWC.

The story as it was sent yesterday was not accurate and I trust, in the name of journalism, a correction will be issued.

Bahamas Press therefore wishes to update our readers to this development and apologies to The Aga Khan and his affiliates for any inaccuracies reported.


  1. BP, you’re full of $hit. This is why no one trusts anything you have to say. Bahamians should only come on here for entertainment. That’s it. BP is NOT NOT NOT a credible news source. And it isn’t even a press, so I don’t know why it’s called Bahamaspress. It should be Bahamagossip or Bahamareject. Let’s see if your thin skinned self posts this.

  2. In Afghanistan, the Aga Khan’s partners include a company controlled by Bracknell, England-based Cable & Wireless Plc, which owns 37 percent of Roshan. The Afghan cell-phone company has raised more than $160 million of loans since 2002, with $24.5 million coming from the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development, says Altaf Ladak, Roshan’s chief marketing office.


    Everything one needs to know about the Aga Khan!


  3. for starters: 36.75% – Britain’s Cable & Wireless

    Just wondering when it dropped to 20%.

    Roshan is an odd corporate amalgam. It’s 51%-owned by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (a for-profit unit of the Aga Khan Foundation); 36.75% by a unit of Britain’s Cable & Wireless; and 12.25% by MCT Corp., a Washington, D.C. mobile telecom outfit with operations focused on central Asia.


    • Now Critical Thinker this helicopter ride is getting us dizzy man. Who telling the truth here man. DAMN! I need to go lay down.


  4. Yea BP ya run scared of dem big boys at C&W.Dont be scared get ya facts den cum clean to the people not before Ha Ha!!!

    • YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH. We Altec have always had it, but as you know, we do not retract stories easily.


  5. I dont believe C&W story. The Aga Khan’s pockets are deep and do believe that he has a significant interest in C&W…it shall all be revealed in time.

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