Does Mr 60% VAT INCREASE K. Peter Turnquest want his seat in East Grand Bahama?


Not only is there pressure to remove Michael Pintard – BUT Kwasi Thompson also…

Pintard’s top advisor K. Peter Turnquest moves in to block Hubert Minnis return as leader of the FNM.

FREEPORT| Big Mr 60% VAT INCREASE K. Peter Turnquest is all over the papers expressing his victory in the courts. Most Bahamians who follow news didn’t even know Turnquest was in the courts, much less being vindicated. 

Perhaps Turnquest, who is a senior advisor for Michael Pintard, Leader of the FNM, is making his way back into West Grand Bahama to finish off the FNM. 

Pintard has already told Kwasi Thompson and Iram Lewis that, if they move against him for Minnis, their political days are numbered. 

But Turnquest has a plan just like Minnis. Turnquest is for Pintard and is ready to jump behind the leader of the FNM for a ride into the General Elections. 

Now Investors like Bahamians everywhere must be watching these developments closely. 

Pintard needs a team to keep Minnis out. Minnis has a team to kick Pintard out! And while we the public watch this match play out on the public stage – with surrogates cussing out each other in the party – the more likely the FNM could pack their bags and keep fighting as the next General Election approaches. 

Early indicators show Pintard and his FNM are in trouble! Just five months ago in the West End and West Grand Bahama bye-elections FNMs failed to show up at the polls. The opposition was beaten in every polling division except one poll on Bimini, which they won by two votes. 

FNMs are not showing up for Michael. Generals have left the Party. Confusion and Discord Rocks the Opposition and money is not looking in the direction of the Party. Things are bad! So bad even Pintard is afraid to call a decent three-day Convention. 

From the looks of things – Pintard can write off 2026!

We report yinner decide!