Magistrate Court

NASSAU| A MAN who dislocated his neighbour’s shoulder after she cheated in a game of dominoes was yesterday ordered to compensate her for her injuries.

Police said Carlos Collie assaulted his neighbour shortly after 10.30pm on February 14.

He admitted the offence during his hearing before Magistrate Samuel McKinney.

The court was told that during the argument the accused punched his neighbour in the face before throwing her to the ground.

The prosecution said the woman required medical attention for the injuries she received. Collie was arrested a short time later.

When he was questioned by officers while in police custody, he admitted punching his neighbour, but said he only did so after she poked him.

During the hearing, Collie also said he and his neighbour had “gotten into a little altercation while playing dominoes”.

He claimed the woman started to cheat during the game so he “ran hot” and threw the dominoes off the table.

Collie said when he got up to walk away, the complainant followed him and started to poke him. He said her actions provoked him and he fought her in the heat of the moment.

In response, Magistrate McKinney noted the way Collie retaliated to the alleged provocation was not proportionate to the force he claimed was used against him.

As a result, he told the accused he needed to learn how to exercise greater temperance and caution and ordered him to compensate his neighbour $400 for her injuries.