Downsizing has begun at BTVI as the Minnis Government continues to defund education budgets across the country!


Minnis Government cuts UB Budget by $16.1 Million! Classes will be reduced in the fall!

Minister of Education Hon. Jeffery Lloyd.

NASSAU| Not only the University of the Bahamas has been cut by millions this coming year, but Bahamas Press is following some major downsizing developments at the Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute which is also making major cuts in its operations.

We at BP are learning Director Dr. Robert Robertson returned from his home in Florida and started to dish out terminations letters across the faculty. 

Unreported anywhere in the press is the departure already of many staff including Math HOD Ron Clarke, Auto Mechanics HOD Bharat Kishore,  Carpentry HOD Grant Thornley, and Veteran Bahamian Nurse Voreetis Barr. They have all been notified that they will not be re-engaged on a full-time basis at the institution.

Now what is interesting in many of these faculty cuts is that at BTVI there are a number of persons who we know have reached and passed retirement age, but were allowed to remain on staff. Now, this is interesting.

Additionally, with hundreds now unemployed across the country, it is understood that many of those whose contracts were terminated will not be replaced by Bahamians.

We are learning that it could be possible that the team from outside the country just might see this as another golden moment to hire non-Bahamians to fill the various vacancies. 

The question now is what is the Bahamas Government’s plan to fill these positions at the Institution? Or is this Andrew Gape’s plan to bring in “his people”? Remember him? Minister Jeff Lloyd’s classmate who we questioned in earlier reports over the finances at BTVI? You see anything done there? NO

Another big question for the Administration is whether that former RBC employee, who is way past the retirement age of 65 and working deep in the Finance Department, will also be sent home as well? And while we’re at it, READ THIS REPORT ABOUT THE MISSING FUNDS WHICH VANISHED AT THE INSTITUTION!

These people don’t account. And no one has heard anything regarding the results of the audits at BTVI! Yinner better wake up in this town.

BP will be back on this report this week. We have more to tell.

We report yinner decide!