DPP Garvin Gaskin goes on Vacation and Deputy DPP cannot sit as Acting Director?

Garvin Gaskin DPP

NASSAU| Yinner know how BP has long been telling you what we think about Carl Wilshire Bethel and his poor WUTLESS leadership inside the Office of the Attorney General. Well, here is another example of why we know Bethel’s leadership is piss poor!

We know Director of Public Prosecutions Garvin Gaskin has gone on vacation. The AG made sure to hire two Deputies to assist Gaskin in the DPP office.Get this: the sitting Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Nebo-Jones is not qualified to sit as acting Director of Public Prosecutions. Therefore, the Deputy Director of Legal Affairs from the Attorney General’s Office, Mr. Franklyn Williams, is now the acting Director of Public Prosecutions. Well, what is this?

Yinner need to know this piece: Williams doesn’t go to the DPP Office, which is in Charlotte House. He manages the team from the Office of the Attorney General on JFK.

Second time around Attorney General Carl Bethel

Bahamas Press wonders how Carl Bethel got the legal leadership in the country in such a mess? Imagine that you hire people who first could not get called to the Bahamas Bar, and then appoint them in positions which they are not qualified to function in! WELL WAIT! And the people around here are acting like all this is jackup is normal!?


You know BP has never sat a Bar Exam – but we know horse S…. (yinner know what we want to say) when we see it!


We report yinner decide!