Early morning fire at Claridge Primary School library blaze in early morning…

FIRE STRIKES AGAIN: Blaze at Claridge Primary damages school library
Book burns at Claridge Primary School…

NASSAU| Director of Fire Services Superintendent Kenrick Morris said the Fire Department received reports of the blaze around 12.40am and firefighters responded within seven minutes.

He said the fire was contained within minutes of the first unit’s arrival, though the library sustained extensive damage.

He was unable to say what caused the blaze.

“We have no idea as to the cause at this time, but inquiries are ongoing,” he said.

Asked if arson could be ruled out at this stage, Morris said it could not be ruled out at this time.

In a statement, the Ministry of Education said it was aware of the early-morning fire at the school, noting that firefighters were able to contain the blaze.

Schools are expected to open across the country in less than two weeks.

The cost of the damage remains unclear.