Sands is losing in Elizabeth FNM poll suggests


Dwane Sands - 1<<< FNM Candidate for Elizabeth, Dr. Dwane Sands, alongside Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham at a press conference late last week.

Nassau, Bahamas — An unimpeachable source in the Free National Movement has confirmed to Bahamas Press the Party’s internal poll confirms its candidate in Elizabeth, Dr. Dwane Sands , is trailing.

The source deep in the bowels of the FNM said, “Our polling numbers are not looking good. Dr. Sands is indeed slipping in support here in Elizabeth. We can see this will indeed be a tough fight for the FNM.

Sands currently has a 34% base support of those in the constituency. Our information taken up to Friday confirmed this new information. However, we are not ready to give up just yet. We will be holding our first rally this Thursday, which will be at a parking lot located directly opposite Dr. Sands headquarters on Prince Charles Drive. We are urging all Party supports to come out and assist in building our momentum.”

The results of the polling sources tell us has caused Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham to stall having the election called hoping his Party can register sufficient voters in the constituency to deliver a win in Elizabeth.frontlead

The internal poll of FNM matches the polling of the Elizabeth by-election now daily being carried out by BP and students of Cardiff University. BP/Cardiff Poll shows PLP candidate Ryan Pinder maintaining a steady lead in Elizabeth with him clinching a steady 58% support.

Meanwhile, members of the PLP held its second rally in Elizabeth last evening delivering to the platform wife of former Prime Minister Sir Lynden Pinding, Dame Marguerite Pindling, on the campaign trail. Lady Pindling told PLPs to bring Elizabeth back home to the PLP and elect its candidate Ryan Pinder. She he told supporters, “If you don’t know where to mark your X, look for the hand and put it there.” Her comments electrified rallygoers.

A win for the PLP in Elizabeth would mean a big comeback for Party Leader Perry Christie. PLP generals initially advised Christie not to challenge Elizabeth. However, in a move to restore Christie’s national image towards the electorate PLP strongman and Deputy Leader, Philip Brave Davis argued that the Party had a duty to fight any by-election. Davis we heard backed Pinder as being theRight Man, In the Right Place at the Right Timefor the PLP, a slogan now being carried throughout Elizabeth by the candidate.

A topTeam Braveadvisor told BP, “Mr. Davis bold commitment to coach the Party to challenge the FNM in this by-election is to prove to the country that his longterm law partner and friend Perry Christie has not completed his work in moving our country forward.”


PLP mass rally in Elizabeth last evening.


  1. this bye-election will determine who wins the next election. And since HAI is back to his arrogant self, you know who ga win this seat.  I say  whoever win in Elizabeth will win in 2012.

  2. well word on the street is that huberts spiritual advisor is NOT dead. word is she managed to get to the D.R. so i gatta wonder who all came or coming  back on that flight from the D.R wit oogly man ingraham. cuz we feel like he will bring her back here and give her one of those temp status and then she will vanish somewhere comfy of our taxpayers money.

  3. Elizabethans, should send Dr. Sands right back into the operating theater where he belongs!

    He opposed The National Health Insurance, looking out for his pocket, so send keep him at the hospital folks!

  4. I think the type of poll BP/Cardiff is trying to do is what is called a straw poll. Its not scientific, so there is no need to put much stock in it. The Tribune has a straw poll as well and they broadcast its results too. No harm, no foul.

    Concerning the bye election, Lizzy is not a PLP stronghold, but it leans PLP. When you consider the fact that the PLP base is more motivated than the FNM’s right now, there is very good chance that Dr Sands may get run out of Lizzy.

    The fact of the matter is this: HAI’s bye-election scheme is about to backfire on him big time.

    His decision to release the Haitian detainees has backfire and has really touched a raw nerve in the country. the timing couldn’t have been worse.

    This bye-election scheme by HAI will be a blessing in disguise for the PLP. From what i see on the ground, this is the spark that the party, its leadership and its apparatus needed. The entire party really is upbeat and in election mode.

    What will be interesting is to see who the FNM blames for the loss in Lizzy, because i am hearing that there are those in the FNM hierarchy who didnt think the bye-election was necessary because of the mood of the country right now and were concerned with the new life it would give the PLP if they won the bye-election when a general election is right around the corner.

    This bye-election has disaster written all over it FNM. simply put, a loss in Lizzy is unacceptable for HAI and the FNM!

  5. Wow Bahamas Press.  The Drs. of Spin are in – your “poll” on your website has barely over 100 responses.  You keep posting file photos that are not the “rally” related to this election at all and is old.  That is misrepresentation and frankly, lying.   Bahamas Press must believe we Bahamians are ignorant.  Irrelevant of party affiliation all Bahamians are sick of this type of politics.  Sick of it.

    • obviously, you dont go out those pictures of Ryan and the PLP actually happened yesterday believe it not the people of Elizabeth want representation thats it…… Ryan and the PLP will win and send the FNM into a tailspin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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