Dr. Hubert Minnis Unveils Chronic Disease Prescription Drug Plan

Dr. Hubert Minnis/ Minister of Health<<< Dr. Hubert Minnis

Nassau, Bahamas — We were happy to see the erstwhile Dr. Hubert Minnis working on behalf of the Bahamian People for which he has been elected and appointed as a Cabinet Minister to do. While all the noise and all the Talkers and Jokers were in ‘Lizzy’, the good Doctor was working for the people.

While we would prefer a Comprehensive National Heath Plan, we are pleased to see the Chronic Disease Prescription Drug Plan phase being rolled out. The Wutless Media had very little to say on this matter.

We sent our Northern Service Correspondent to a meeting held by Dr. Minnis in Freeport Grand Bahama on Jan 30, 2010. Dr. Minnis took his message to the Health Professionals in Freeport and told them what to expect.

Dr. Minnis told the folks, “We plan to beta test the drug plan beginning April 2010, we intend to work out the kinks so that we may transition as smooth as possible for and on behalf of the Bahamian People.”

“Those persons who are provided with their prescription now would go to their Doctors or the Clinics, they will be issued with cards that will be used at the pharmacies throughout the Country. The cards will be issued by NIB and we will be making announcements in the very near future so that persons may know where to go.”

We applaud the efforts of Dr. Minnis and the Government as this will go a long way to helping the poor, suffering and needy persons in our Country.

Dr. Minnis went on further to explain that, “We have started with certain medications at this time, however, we will review with the Medical community on a regular basis and add medications as required.”

We here at BP want to thank him for this as we have loyal readers and friends who are hypertensive and are concerned that the medication that they take, which do not affect the “Plumbing Dept” may not be on the list, the good news is that, it can be added.

Again, we here at BP will give credit where credit is due and Dr. Minnis and the Government led by Hubert Ingraham deserves credit. We want to see you do more so that we may praise you more.

We want full National Health.


  1. We need to be drug free, there is a saying “say no to drugs”. Now Minnis talking bout a drug database for record keeping of every drug dispensed to individuals, I want the people to know that this is a trick to track individuals who they inoculate with the (toxic 50% mercury) N1H1 THERMISOL SHOT, in which they plan to force vaccinations, on the general public, and all who refuse to be inoculated will be quarantined and forced inoculated. Minnis need to expand on this to let the people know what this pharmaceutical trick is all about…

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