Dr. Keva Bethel is Very Much Alive!


Dr. Keva Bethel


We, Nicolette Bethel Burrows and Edward Bethel, the children of Dr. Keva Bethel, wish to assure the Bahamian public that, contrary to rumours circulating this past weekend and to reports published in local tabloids, our mother remains alive, though gravely ill.

We find it regrettable at this time, when we should be focusing our attention on commemorating the passing of our uncle in the way most befitting to him and his contribution to the nation, we should be distracted by premature condolences on the passing of our mother as well.

We further find it regrettable that, given our mother’s life of dignity, humility and service, she should be subjected to such sensationalism at the end of it.

We have done all we can to correct the error. However, we know that it will persist despite all our efforts. We regret this deeply, and trust that the public will respect our privacy at this difficult time.


  1. Bahamian…..are you that stupid and insensitive to the feelings of this woman’s children that you would actually say “get over it” you are such an ***….Eventhough today Dr Bethel has passed on, i send my condolences to the family and ask that they be strengthened in this their time of bereavement…BAHAMIAN. you really should put out an apology to these children. be for real please. stop letting stupidity run your life….now you get over it

  2. Bloggers dont you get it? Bahamaian IS NOT Bahamian. Real sons and daughters of the soil would NEVER make such a comment. This is an imposter who petitioned in a section of a local tabloid to have thier name changed from ? to something Bahamian so they can belong. You are a misfit and will never belong! To the family of the esteemed Keva Bethel my prayers are with you over the loss of your uncle and your mother’s illness. May God the Father keep you.

  3. @Bahamian: You are so brutish and insensitive – an ugly creature we see appearing amongst us far too often these days. The decent Bahamians of old respected others and were considerate of them. When and how did we lose our sensibilities? GOD HELP US!!!

  4. Bahamian you can not be serious. The lady is talking about her mother and you say get over it. I guess you did not have a mother, because if yoy did you would be much more sensitive. Let is pray for this Great woman of the soil.

    • That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. How dare you justify gossip with the stereotypical assumption that all bahamians take part in idol gossip.

      We should have the utmost respect for Dr.Bethel and her family in there time of grief. Show some compassion for a gravely ill Bahamian educator and pioneer.

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