Dr. Linda Moxey-Brown on National TV said last night no flag should be hoisted in the Bahamas but the Bahamian flag – VELL BY DAMN!!!


Letter Writer asks the doctor if she also mean Canadians should also not fly their flags in the Bahamas? WELL WAIT!

Bahamian Independence celebrations board member must apologize for ignorance and making Bahamians look as if we are not world class citizens live around the world last night. Dr. Brown wants all these foreign country flags down???

Bahamians in shock over statement by Independence Celebrations Executive Member statements

The 40th Anniversary Of Independence Celebration National Commission members, Dr. Linda Moxey-Brown along with Fr. Sabastian Campbell. Brown called described some police officer as too overweight on National TV!

Dear Dr. Linda Moxy-Brown,

First and foremost, I would like to say Happy Independence Day!! I am a Canadian citizen residing in Canada that has recently fallen in love with The Bahamas. This year I have made two trips to Nassau and expect to make many more. I fell in love with the people, the beauty, the sights, sounds, and tastes. Whether it is ringing the new year with Junkanoo, overlooking the blue seas from the top of Fort Charlotte, or enjoying a conch fritter. The culture has been warm like your seas and so open and welcoming it is, for me, a home away from home. At the centre of all of this are the people. They are the pulse and lifeline of a nation and its culture. Not only have I been embraced while in the Bahamas but I have been fortunate to feel the warmth of your seas extended as far as Canada. This year, I was a part of many different Bahamian cultural events in my own city, one of which was an Independence Day party. I was also caught a glimpses of the live stream from ZNS of the Independence Day party! Very exciting.

Independence Day for the Bahamas is now an international celebration as our global community stretches in this cosmopolitan world. I watched the Bahamian community come together and celebrate in Canada. Cars were flying the Bahamian flags as they drove around the city and people were wearing pins that connected both the Bahamian and Canadian flags together. It is a day where where cultures and people connect and a day where people can celebrate their heritage and others can partake in it as well.

While visiting the Bahamas I remember being so excited when I would see a Canadian flag. I even took a picture of the flags I saw across from the Scotia Bank on Bay St (please see attached). I saw many Canadian, American, British, Greek flags proudly flown on buildings and homes across the Island. It is a true sign of exactly what was sung in the Independence Day song I heard from one woman preforming last night on the telecast “always love one another” you would agree with me, right? A true sign of your country’s warmth and openness.

Yes, this may show how your country is open to foreign direct investments, but it is more then that, is it not? One can not disagree that The Bahamas is a place that is welcoming and open to all. As one individual from Canada I felt such deep love and openness in my heart, the openness must be part of a deeper cultural thread that is woven within the nation, correct? All Bahamians from wide and far should be deeply proud of the 40 years of Independence of the great nation of The Common Wealth of the Bahamas. As the director of culture, you have a leadership role in the bridge to the future and I feel your statements at the Independence day celebrations was a poor step in your journey to the future.

So please, do indulge me on what exactly you meant in the telecast when you said Haitians should only fly their flags in Haiti? Do you feel that Canadian flags should not be flown in your country as well? This to me would be very devastating. How would you feel if the Canadian government requested that Bahamians not fly their flags on the Independence Day or any other day for that matter? If my government ever said that, I believe you and I both would be appalled. If that is the case, please let me know what you meant, and I paraphase, Haitians should only fly their flags in Haiti? Don’t forget to check out my picture attached from the last visit!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Laura Rossiter
E: lrossiter@rogers.com