Dr. Merceline Dahl Regis holding Press Conference on Sunday – is this to provide cover for Minnis’ bungling of the Pandemic?


What has changed between January when Pfizer vaccine was rejected and now?

Dear Editor BP 

As a very concerned Bahamian who wants to live, I am frightened by the ineptitude of our Government led by the Most Competent Dr. Minnis

I recall earlier this year, the Leader of the Opposition, Philip Brave Davis, mentioned in the Parliament the offer by a Business Person to provide our Country with doses of the Pfizer vaccine. 

Mr. Davis said, “…Fourth, on vaccines, we recommend partnering with the private sector to bring in additional doses, including the Pfizer vaccine. The private sector attempted to do this in January and February of this year, but was turned away by the government. I believe many Bahamians would welcome an effort to go beyond waiting for COVAX and other donations, especially as they see case numbers rising steeply and the strain on the public health system.” – 31 Jul, 2021

Philip Brave Davis Q.C

The offer was rejected by the Most Competent  Dr. Minnis. 

I am reminded of this because I  see that Dr. Dahl- Regis is scheduled to have a Press Conference this coming Sunday, August 15th at 3 pm (today).

The reason I am reminded of the rejection of the offer to provide the Pfizer vaccine and the rejection by Minnis, was Dr. Dahl Regis came out and indicated that we didn’t have the cold storage capacity to handle the Pfizer vaccine. 

Now, since America has so generously provided us with free doses of the very same Pfizer vaccine, what has changed?

So all of a sudden we have the cold storage or was this a facade all along?

The Press should ask her this question but they won’t. 

BP, I pray God’s gracious Blessings over you and your team. So many lives could’ve been saved had we accepted the offer to acquire the Pfizer vaccine when offered. 

These Public Servants and Politicians have to be held to account. 

Death is FINAL. I am trying to live. 


A very Concerned Bahamian