Health Minister Renward Wells has begun construction of his new million dollar home in gated community Venice Bay!


Renward Wells will move next door to Apostle Raymond Wells, overlooking the sea! BP gives reasons why Renward Wells needed much more than $10,000!

The footing on the construction of Health Minister Renward Wells new home complete in plush gated community of Venice Bay!

NASSAU| A troubled Cabinet Minister has joined the Minnis Cabinet’s “special housing programme” and has begun construction on his home deep in the plush community of Venice Bay. 

Bahamas Press could list more than one reason why Health Minister Renward Wells needed $10,000 and, if you don’t believe us, well, then that is on you.

While the PMH hospital has no bed or few meds, while Bahamians die in a pandemic, and health workers have walked off the jobs and are calling in sick, the Health Minister has begun construction of his new home in a southwest gated community.

Wells has acquired a property in the gated community and has commenced construction of his new plush home.  This is a long stretch from the days of his two room apartment inside Stapledon, but the new question is how did Wells get the funds to buy and build such an asset allegedly projected to be in the millions?

We want Minister Wells and Prime Minister Hubert Minnis to know that we know much more than we are telling, but as the election draws near and things get hot – we want both men to know BP eyes are on dem! We got the goods and, yes – WE GA TELL!

For the public’s information, we want our readers to know that Minister Wells’ construction is next door to Apostle Raymond Wells, Senior Pastor of Living Waters Kingdom Ministries, overlooking the waterfront.

The footing stage of the construction is now complete.

We say it again, Renward Wells has many reasons to pay himself $10,000 out of Health, and we can prove to you why!

We report yinner decide!