Dr. Sands calls Elizabeth constituents "GREEDY" in Tribune


Dr. Sands<<< Dr. Duane Sands

Nassau, Bahamas — We at BP were awoken this morning by an irate FNM supporter and general in Polling division # 6. He read the Tribune this morning and saw quotes attributed to Dr. Sands that so upset him, that he swore to vote PLP and implore all of his neighbours to do the same.

We do not buy that “Toilet paper” however, we had several sources send us the quotes.

Dr. Sands told the Tribune “On the campaign trail, he said  that he has been surprised by how many Bahamains are barely making ends meet.”

Well blow us down! Where the hell has Dr. Sands been for the past two years? Does he not know it has been a recession? Where was he when the FNM was stopping, reviewing and cancelling contracts and jobs?.

We here at BP told you before that Dr. Sands is an “Elitist“, his own words prove it. He is devoid of reality and has no feelings.

We ask Dr. Sands, who now says that he opposed the National Health Insurance because it was too expensive, do you know how many people have died because your fees were too expensive? Please check your heart and see if you can muster the feelings for these people and get with reality. We know you had a privileged life, but surely you must see human suffering in the hospital every day of your life. Do you put that misery behind you when you go home?.

The FNM general said that if that was all that Dr. Sands had said, he could have forgiven him, but he went further and we quote the Tribune and Dr. Sands, “He has also been put off by a small number of greedy voters who demand  money or goods in return for their support”.

Well blow us down again, the people are suffering and hungry  and he calls them GREEDY.

Dr. Sands, the people need food on the table, they need medicine, they need their lights on, they need sardine, they need jack mackerel, they need tuna, they need corned beef, they need sausage, and you call them GREEDY???

We cry shame on you! And you want to represent people? Go and go now! CARRY YOU YOU-KNOW-WHAT! You have no feelings, we cry shame on you and we implore the people of Elizabeth to reject you and the uncaring FNM Government.

We know that you represent special interests groups that lobbied against National Health. We want you to explain that to the old lady that has cancer and cannot afford it and is begging at the traffic light at Foxhill Road and Prince Charles in Elizabeth, we want you to explain that to the young man in Kool Acres who is on dialysis.

Tell those people that you may have opposed National Health because you and your medical cronies would not be able to charge the fees you now charge.

Based on the statements attributed to you in the “TOILET PAPER” this morning, we come to the same conclusion as the FNM General that brought it to our attention, you have no feelings, you are devoid of reality. We say to Elizabeth, please send this good Doctor packing and reject the uncaring policies of the FNM that puts big business before your health.

We need Change Bahamas.


Published On: Friday, January 29, 2010



FOR the next 19 days the FNM candidate in the Elizabeth by-election plans to canvas the constituency to convince voters that he is the best man for the job.

In the meantime, Dr Duane Sands told The Tribune, the FNM “has a lot more work to do” to weed out ineligible voters who may be able to vote in the by-election although they no longer live in the area.

On the campaign trail, Dr Sands said he has been surprised by how many Bahamians are barely making ends meet. He has also been put off by a small number of greedy voters who demand money or goods in return for their support.

Dr Sands said the topmost concern of constituents — aside from crime and unemployment — is fair and accountable representation.

He said his time in the area revealed that many constituents have low expectations from a representative, something he feels is due to the representation the constituency had over the past six years.

“We’re going to go out and talk to every single registered voter that we can get to and hear what their concerns are,” Dr Sands said, ahead of the FNM’s rally last night and nomination day today.

“Our strategy is to demonstrate to people that the FNM and Duane Sands would be a much better alternative and that we could offer better governance.”

“(Voters’) expectations have been diminished in part because they’ve been let down. Many of the constituents are not demanding a pound of flesh. They have a reasonable expectation that their concerns are listened to, and want accountability, availability, and access to government,” he said.

His party is also still focusing on limiting possible ballot tainting due to a loophole in the voter registry which may allow residents who no longer live in the Elizabeth constituency to vote.

“Even the Registrar General has alluded to the fact that this is a huge challenge even for them and we are obviously trying to make sure that there is a proper correlation between the register and what we find on the ground. I expect that as we get closer to February 16 we would have made some headway in identifying some of the people who ought not be eligible, but I doubt that it’s going to be perfect,” he said.

Campaigning in Elizabeth, Dr Sands, a noted heart surgeon, said he has been struck by how many Bahamians have to endure financial hardship.

“While I happen to see people at their worst in the hospital, Bahamians are really struggling, and as you enter their homes and see them as they are it (adds to) the immediate need of restoring hope,” he said.

The Elizabeth seat was held by Malcolm Adderley, who resigned from Parliament and the PLP last month. Although the PLP won the constituency two terms in a row, their last win was a narrow one of only 45 votes over the FNM.

More than 4,000 voters are expected to cast their votes in the by-election on February 16.


FNMs seated at FNM Rally site last evening.


  1. Did not Ingraham break the LAW OF THE BAHAMAS when he let the immigrants GO? He break the LAW, THE GOVERNMENT BROKE THE LAW. The opposition is NOT the Government!

    So talk that Raah.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. It’s funny to me how everyone likes to use Obama as an example, when Obama reminds me so much of Perry Christie, eg:He likes to consult, believes in second chances, he is looked on by the Republicans as weak, speaks proper english, has class and decorum, the money people and special interest groups are against him, trid to put a Health Plan in place ….etc., etc., there is so much more, and it is also funny how much HAI reminds me of George W. Bush, think about it.

  3. Both PLP and FNM have trained the people to look for handouts, to sell their vote, to be subjugate to their agendas.Sheep, to be culled and sheared by either.

  4. Media, just like Obama told the miscreant Republicans yesterday, the PLP, having been the government of the Bahamas, has a shared responsibility to ensure that the country is run smoothly. Instead, they defy rules and regulations. Isn’t that what the criminals do? They are incorrigible. Isn’t that just like a lot of our young men? They select a man accused of sexual as their leader,so I dare say, the PLP are part of the problem!

    To Michelle, the PLP had the numbers to pass anything and implement anything that they wanted to. They were even given cover by the FNM, who supported the Bill in the House. But, they thought that we were suckers! We have Cable tv Mr. PLP Leader, ie, we not as clueless as we used to be… simply the best ( you know who I mean)!

  5. Media, please forgive this person (Raah) because he/she is only repeating the nonesense and lies that were told at the FNM rally.  Poor child probably does not know any better. 

  6. Raah the last I checked the FNM was in charge and possessed the mandate to rid this country of CRIME! You They should do their JOB!


  7. Oh! was I so disappointed when National Health Insurance did not come about!  I wanted that so badly, not really for me, but for my father, my mother, my aunts, my mother-in-law and the list goes on and on.  All of the above listed does or did not have any form or health insurance.  When the hospital ran out of their required medication, they have/had to take all their old age pension to buy expensive medication from the private pharmacies.  National Health Insurance would have really been good for most of the not-so-wealthy people Mr. Sands.  And guess what? most of the above listed are now dead.  Dead because they could not afford proper medical care.   I am an Elizabeth constituent, and my vote will reflect my feelings.

  8. There are some greedy hustlers out there. The PLP need to get a life and stay out of Sands’ business. They need to concentrate on their own campaign ans stop encouraging crime, slackness, and corruption!

  9. I don’t really expect any other reaction from the good doctor because we all know how rude his teacher who chose him can be at times.. If Elizabeth choses him to represent them then they better get used to the insults NOW!! There are a lot more where those few insulting comments came from!! The man is completely out of touch with the average man on the street!!

  10. News Statement
    Progressive Liberal Party
    PLP condemns insensitive comments about Elizabeth by Dr. Sands

    29th January 2010

    For Immediate Release

    The Progressive Liberal Party is today demanding a full apology from Dr. Duane Sands, the FNM’s Bye-Election Candidate in Elizabeth for a flurry of insensitive, acrimonious and elitist statements made by him in The Tribune.

    The Progressive Liberal Party finds Dr. Sands’s statements that “he has been put off by greedy voters” and that “he is surprised at how many Bahamians are barely making ends meet ” in Elizabeth to be ungracious, inflammatory,  and demonstrates that Dr. Sands is clearly out of touch with the reality of the Elizabeth Constituency.

    The PLP and the constituents of Elizabeth who have brought this to our attention are demanding that Dr. Sands withdraw the following statements:-

    “ He (Dr. Sands) has also been put off by a small number of greedy voters who demand money and goods in return for their support.” And :-

    “ On the campaign trail Dr. Sands said he has been very surprised  by how many Bahamians are barely making ends meet.”

    The PLP has been preaching for over one year how Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s stop review and cancel policy of the multi billion dollar investments for our country when they took office in 2007 coupled with the global recession have left the Bahamas at a more delinquent disadvantage because of missed and failed opportunities by the Ingraham Government.

    The PLP reminds Dr. Sands who is a lettered man that maybe if he had gotten to know the people of Elizabeth and could identify with the demographics that make up this colourful and distinct constituency before he allowed himself to be foisted on the people through the machine of his party, he would have known the seriousness of the hardships being experienced by the people there.

    Concerned voters in Elizabeth want to know what planet Dr. Sands has been living on in the last few months where the unemployment is at an all time high, banks are foreclosing daily on people’s homes, private school fees cannot be met and simple basic necessities are denied many families.

    We call on Dr. Sands to come down from his ivory tower and condemn the FNM for the hardship they have placed the Bahamian people.

    The PLP wonders if Dr. Sands is aware of internationally acclaimed economic appraisers Standard and  Poors Report which placed the full brunt of the blame on The Bahamas’ dismal economic performance on the FNM Government’s stop, review and cancel policy.


  11. Sands is correct many residents do have hands out and agressive hands. IT seem that this was the norm… perhaps they have been spoiled… by whom I wont say… but this needs to stop. Question to BP why have no one mention Pinders american / Bahamian  citizenship.. Pinder should not qualify as a candidate he was out of the bahamas for over 20 odd yrs what does he know about the plight of Elizabeth Residence. Wake up BP your falling asleep at the wheel… oh forgot where ur bread is buttered… lol

    • Obviously Think Bahamas you are not thinking. Lyn Holowesko the current FNM President of the Senate was not born in The Bahamas, she was born in the USA to non- Bahamian parents. Brent SymonetteFNM DPM has both Canadian and Bahamian nationality. Perhaps when you begin to Think then you can first request that they should resign from Parliament. Ryan was born in The Bahamas to a Bahamian Father. Please go out find out where the President of the Senate was born and where her parents are from. The FNM need to stop simply and stupid expressions among their and should engage in teaching how to think  supporters. Start thinking Think Bahamas ,if it is possible for you to actually do so.

  12. sands has major issues. i mean come on nah ppl. he is firslty from a plp family. so tell me why he wan jump ship and run up an down behind that dog face prime minister yinna vote in office? secondly why he even in politics anyway? and last but not by no means least sands u need to take media advice and cyar ya u no what. and do us all a fava and cyar that oogly monster hubert behind you.

  13. Well anyways I dont care what nobody say…… Ive been to both parties and I hustle more at the FNM. HELLO! but come feb 16…………..

  14. @ all haha this fella on a fools errand people have needs the equation calls for him to forgo some of his vast resources he appears to take great umbridge to this reality and the reality that every body are not able to command a fee ah well the writing on the wall pappa ge him the poison chalice save ya money sands for you may need to operate on yaself if the begging continues(outside of this political faux pas he is a damn good skilled bahamian) just mislead

  15. My God BP, when I read this in the Tribune this morning, I thought the very same thing. Where has Dr. Sands been?, he does not know the World is in a depression?.  

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