Sands PROVES he is out of touch with reality


<<< Duane Sands along with Papa after the defeat in Lizzy.

Nassau, Bahamas — Dr. Sands today in one of the papers said that after a four-month leave of absence he has returned to the hospital and spoke of the mayhem that has engulf our country. We say again to Dr. Sands where have you been for the last three years?

Your first cousin, Tommy Turnquest, the minister responsible for crime, has chosen to go on a junket to South Africa along with Hubert Mugabe Ingraham and Charlie ‘Pillsbury Doughboy’ Maynard, while people are continuously bludgeon to death.

You told the people of Elizabeth that you will work in the local clinic and be seen in the community. But after that CUT_YOU_KNOW_WHAT you got, you have now abandoned the people you called “GREEDY”! And have reapplied for your position at the hospital.

Duane Sands has no SHAME and has been MOST NEGLECTFUL!



  1. Jayson, what are you doing to assist the nation instead of bashing BP, BP has their job and you have yours, yours is to stand up for the FNM party, you think because you use the FNM talking points, that makes your argument have legs, no my boy, BP hits out at the FNM and PLP, take the blows, the government is doing a lousy job and this is the only real media outlet, if you have a problem with this media outlet, go and read the Tribune or the Punch or The Guardian or the Freeport News they are bash the opposition and give the FNM a pass, they are all have white or wanna be white owners, like in any so called democracy you have a choice, so grow you “Jay’s son”.

  2. I’m sorry BP, but this is deplorable. Stop placing “We need cange Bahamas” in your many ‘news stories’ if you refuse to do so yourself. Instead of calling various ministers names, why don’t you suggest actual solutions to work with these men and women to make a better community?

    Why can’t you see that you are part of the group of people who think they are helping us but are literally dooming our nation.

    If whoever reads this deletes this comment, then it only proves my point that BP isn’t serious in providing true change.

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