Drag Queen and Bahamian Cinderellas elected to leadership in the DNA


An elected official of the new Democratic National Alliance, man in the day, woman in the night.

Nassau, Bahamas — Members of the DNA are left scratching their heads today following the discovery of one of their own in a leadership position having a sordid past.

The revelation by a Facebook blogger could bring down to a crash Branville’s new third party, and here’s another story that will never make it to the pages of the WUTLESS MEDIA ‘DEM’.

We learned a newly elected member of the DNA was a reigning Drag Queen and Cross Dresser. In fact, we’ve learnt the wannabe Queen of the Bahamas is a newly elected member of the DNA’s youth arm, who seeks to bring change to young people all across the Bahamas.

Now ‘yinner’ know how BP feels about a person who loves to prey on young teens and adult always find themselves around them. For the life of us we cannot understand why is it people who have an almost criminal problem with the young, refuse to run to the hills when they see them.

Now get this, Party Leader for the DNA, Branville McCartney, delivered an edict to all party members, especially those running in the upcoming election to stay out of public sight with their sweethearts. He, we are told, said keep ‘ya’ sweetheart off the campaign trail and focus on the prize.

The DNA then told persons like Whitney Bastian, who is PLENTY MAN, that he is no good for the DNA and cannot be taken serious as a candidate.

But while Bran was issuing his edict and running Bastian, a nest of dry and wet Cinderellas was building up in the centre of the newly formed organization, putting on all kind a GREEN G-STRING to show the Bahamians people their true GENTILE WAYS! What madness!

We now know no warning to this clannish group has come from the DNA leader. BP’s senior editor put the question to several in the leadership of the Party and up to press time we have yet to receive a single response. None from Branville and none from our sleeper agents deep in the Party’s apparatchik.

Dr. Jonathan Rodgers greets Branville McCartney in Grand Bahama.

The story was first posted on BP’s Facebook page by political activist and talk show host, Phillippa Lady Russell. When we saw the Cinderella photo, we quickly captured the photo; knowing full well its would be removed from cyber space.

“I wonder why this picture would have been taken down from all the Facebook postings?” Lady Russell questioned.

“Perhaps my question regarding the DNA’s leadership position on the issue of ‘sweethearting’, which was on my page, provoked fear. However, I would like to know if Branville McCartney’s disapproval of his members ‘sweethearting’ of women, also includes a ban on extramarital sexual relations with men? What have we come to?”

Two weeks ago BP questioned the organization as to who were the persons vetting the candidates within the Green Party. Not a word of reply to that story has come from within the DNA and we wonder why.

Today’s revelation is but only the beginning of a larger picture set for the silly season, readers should be noted though, we are not being silly at all!

A young fella in at this event was overheard saying, “I went Green and I am Proud to be a Drag Queen!” WELL MUDDA SICK!!!


  1. Bran, its not too late to have the drag queen step down. I am 100% willing to support DNA, but his nomination has given me doubts. I had nothing agains the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual community, but I feel like when you have un-natural preference you should keep it private. This guy could cause your party to lose, please let him step down. I want to vote DNA, but I will end up voting PLP . . we need change and the DNA is the change we need, so dont allow this guy to cause us to spend another 5 years under the ingraham administration cos by that time the Haitians will have taken over … Boom!!

    • What a blow to the DNA. No pun intended. This is exactly the situation we were talking about a few weeks ago BP when it was disclosed that the selection committee was made of Bran’s family and friends. Decisions for the party have to be made without emotional attachments. We know the sentiments on gay/alternative lifestyles in this country. So why begin the political season with an albatross around your neck? Already the DNA is showing its immaturity as a party. The leader should address this situation at the earliest opportunity. I’ve said before that I like Bran and I think he has good intentions in moving us forward. But that is simply not enough to lead this country. He is not politically shrewd enough to handle the first of many delicate situations to come as a party leader. As a leader of a party he will have many more issues to endure and he must show his fortitude. Not only must he be wise and mentally and emotionally strong those around him must also be. From what I see, he has much work to do. There are no political strategists or people with knowledge of politics and history around him. To win elections it is imperative that you have people who can think. All I see is a bunch of former FNM and that doesn’t say much. Say what you like about Mr. Pindling or Mr. Ingraham these men were the ultimate strategists. They know how to win elections point blank. I hope Bran isn’t from the same school of thought as Mr. Christie. Lazy, Late University that is.

  2. Kim, I am happy this story came out and not because I don’t support the DNA (at least not at this point having not seen their full platform), but because it now brings down the DNA from having an “angelic status” to that of reality on par with the FNM and PLP. I have seen the DNA, in many persons eyes, be portrayed as the party that will make everything right in our country and we will all be happy, wealthy, and healthy. Well that is la la land.

    With this story coming out, now many people should realize that a political party or government cannot be everything to everyone. There will be some decisions made or some policy or platform position on an issue that you may not agree with and others that you do agree with. Of course there are some issues that are deal-breakers and if this one is for you then that is your right. Good governance is about making the tough decisions that you may be severely criticized for but you do what you think is right for the advancement of your people and country. History will be the judge of the total contribution you have made.

    DNA, step up to the plate and state your position on gays as lesbians. It’s peculiar that no comment was made by the DNA on the UN resolution. I am looking to the DNA for the “Change” and all I am seeing is more of the same.

  3. The DNA need to get it right, because this is going to cost them some vote. I had already geared up my family and we were willing to support the DNA, because I had lost my faith in the other two parties. Call it being judgmental, narrow minded, lacking maturity or whatever you chose to call it, but I know one thing, I am not going to waste my time going to the polls and knowingly voting for a party that engages and condones this type of behavior. What I find narrow minded and childish is this weak argument that the PLP and FNM have members who engage in immoral acts too, so that should make it right for us to do it too. In other words, all that is saying to me is that the DNA are no different from the other parties. From the look of things, they seems worse, because they have whole drag queen who been crowned in a pageant. At least with those other party you only hear rumors and they don’t be parading around their immoral acts on a stage and taking photos of it. To tell you the truth, these latest development about DNA, I find them to be very disturbing and I am appealing to Bran as the party leader to make it right, because I had my heart set on supporting the DNA, but I can’t support them when it’s like this. They are not in government yet and they done starting off on the wrong foot. If we start off accepting this, then what else will they expect us to accept next. See, I am not for that, because you only need to start something and then when you look, you accepting any and everything. Right now, I looking at my voters card and I thinking about shredding it, I am so sick and tired of these clowns. So, much for change.

  4. Perhaps he is a decent young man. Perhaps he has changed. That is not the point. He is not fit to lead.
    Those are not candid photos like former congressman Weiner. He was photographed winning a well attended competition proving that he was the best looking woman out of a group of men for Christ Sake. This is not the first time this photo been on the internet. It was circulated years ago with his full knowledge and consent.
    The fact that people are blaming the media for covering this story is puzzling. Do you really think this is normal acceptable behavior for a budding politician? Do you really want your sons to grow up wanting to be like him, a QUEEN ?
    Mario Almanzar is nothing but a distraction for the DNA and the Bahamian political landscape. There are much more pressing issues to debate in our country.
    The DNA cannot be taken serious if this drag queen is the future of the party. He needs to resign his post and help in the back ground he is a liability.
    There is nothing wrong with gays being in politics but you can not make a spectacle of your self in the public domain and then demand respect.
    Perhaps 16 year old Mario should have heeded his mothers advice and stayed home that night if he wanted a political future.

  5. Sad….that we are still so imature as a country. The preamble to our Constitution speaks of freedom of individuality.
    In case nobody has noticed All the political parties – PLP, FNM, DNA.. all have gays… just look at the “Honourable” House of Assembly.
    So..lets start naming… I dare ya BP! few will be left standing unmarked. Nobody has the guts or the political will… Then we can start with the Churches.. ready to start listing the Ministers, Priests, Pasters, Choir masters, members…. boy don’t start throwing stones at ya own glass house!

    • Those marked should really be called out, especially since the topic of “Hanging” is at hand. I recently heard a “Pastor” say that convicts guilty of murder should be hung and he used the Bible to justify his point. What many people fail to realize is that the Bible also speaks about ALL killing homosexuals too. So if hanging’s gonna start, let’s hang the murderers and the homosexuals. If mercy paid the price for the homosexuals and we’re gonna show them compassion, then long live anyone who’s guilty of murder. Let’s not discriminate against anyone, especially in the name of morals. Either we accept ALL (homosexuals and murderers alike) or we accept NONE.

      • Antoinette you are so wrong, the bible says we must obey the laws of the land…correct me if I am wrong, committing murder is against the law, however homosexuality isnt. No it does not make it right, but who are we to judge.

        • Stacy, I agree with you, the laws of the law should be adhered to. Then…the laws of the land, since they are or should be based on biblical principles, need to be adjusted to include the hanging or stoning of homosexuals. Like you say, “who are we to judge.” If mercy paid the price for gays, then it think it’s only fair that it should pay the price for murderers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers and the like.

  6. ok folks fah real..yall need to be more worried and concerned about all the murders/rapes/robbery in this bahama land happening now and only getting worse…….so he gay sooo what??? soo he like to dress up n be pretty soooo freakin what???at least he real and open with his lyfestyle not still in da closet and in denial like alot of the folks in politics these days.folks get over it,who are we to judge????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • sin is sin is sin is sin is sin – whether you are a liar, thief, murderer, rapist or homosexual. Either we love and accept all or we accept NONE…een no half-stepping nor discrimination.

  7. The truth is…………..!
    The Bahamas is no different than any other developed counrty. “Gays Run the World…………!”

  8. wow a drag queen you have to be kidding me
    gad damn wtf is thedna party crazy will will be the laughing stock of the carribbean if not the world.
    anyways bahamain people are smart and strong vote red people and bahama press is a bunch of lies. all we know is perry christie maybe the editor of the site

    • All I know…..I votin’ Carl Bethel for Seabreeze!

      Carl Bethel is the man for Seabreeze…..’aint no life time movie up in here!

      We taking your freebees….eat your food, take your movie tickets and votin’ Bethel

      • THERE IS BUT ONE HOPE IN SEABREEZE and she is HOPE STRACHAN. Now we don’t know what them two ga do.
        We think Carl loves popcorn and hotdogs; perhaps he and the other green drag queen party could go watch a movie together after that CUT_YINNER_KNOW WHAT up in Seabreeze.


  9. Ministers in the PLP are known homosexuals. Ministers and party officials in the FMN are know homosexuals. One got locked up in Cuba the other day for fooling with little boys. That was swept under the rug and never heard about again. We as Bahamians need to respect the rights of people to do what they want to do. By cross dressing, he didn’t break any rules. While I would never cross-dress, if someone else wants to do it and they don’t break any rules, whatever works for them.

    The issues are the issues. My economic and financial status are what matters to me. My country is being taken over by illegal immigrants and my government is allowing it. That’s what matters to me. We need to stop with this smoke and mirrors game and focus on what matters most to us.

  10. Some bahamians are so narrow-minded it disgusts me seriously. Ok he’s gay get over it…..He’s not the only gay person involved in politics. People being murdered in this country everyday and this what yall worrying about…

  11. i was told there was a gay party help few months ago and you should see all the Pm picking up the boys them after the party it not lie it a true story, they even have a pool where everyone mingle wow bahamas

  12. I used to spend a lot of time in Nassau, since 1996 I’have been coming to visit the island and it shockes me how the crime rate has increased in the last past 5 years. And it seems that the government ( no matter if PLP or FNM ) has now “power” to stop it. And now you’re fussing about the gays. These are human beings, and most likely better people then all the gangster and crocked politicians on the island who go to church on a Sunday and do wrong from Monday to Saturday . I hope for the Bahamas that the american tourists will not stay away, because then, you definitely be in troubles. I love the Bahamas and I hope you’re getting back on the right track.

  13. Gay people are human beings first and are also citizens of the bahama land, what goes on behind close doors is not our business. I believe bp said that this person did this in the past, if we didnt make mistakes then we have no life experience and that means that we are perfect almost antihuman.

    And…no I am not gay, just civil. Bahamians need exposure and understand that we are not here to just. We all have to face the master alone.

    Bp, you are becoming sadder by the minute.

    • BP is not becoming sadder, this country is. Gays are people and so are the murderers. What is done behind closed doors is truly or should not be no one’s business. Who are we to judge? This is why I wondered why in the world Harl Taylor’s murder became such a big issue, that was done behind closed doors and, should have, definitely, stayed the hell there. Indoor activities are truly no one else’s business.

  14. So why and you and Lady Russell don’t post about all the homos in the PLP, especially in the progressive young liberals and even in the house of assembly, oh yeah I forgot there are no gays in the PLP (wink wink)

  15. First of all why should this be of importance to anyone If this really is a man wanting to be a woman why all of a sudden some childish,evil person came up with this and post it.. smt too much killling going on in this Bahamas and this is what you’ll are going to have as a subject please get with it.. petty mess man



  16. Please you cnt just pin point this young man everyone knows about gay boy ****** and sissy *** ******…..if anyone wan know where he was when he got caught with his lover it was in the back of BAYARDI!

    • Freda, not just the young DNA – he needs to look at the named candidates – he needs to recall and rethink his options for his political future with these Happy people around him he better watch out -maybe they after him!!! Lisa be careful

      Folks look at the interviews of the last candidates named – can’t you tell from that? It’s one thing to be proper but hey – gayness dropping off him – look at at least one of the activities he is involved in – maybe successful but GAY!

  17. How can I take anything that BP says when you can’t and don’t give any meat (facts) in your story. If this is infact a member of the DNA who is it. Why have you not placed a picture of the person, we do know that there are photos of all the persons on his ticket. So pleace BP let me know who this person is or retract your story. I am a smart Bahamian and when I read I like a story with facts and substance. Get with it.

    • The facts is in the photo. What you want us to do bring DNA samples; blood types and urine test? GET REAL MAMA!


      WE REPORT YINNER DECIDE! The DNA ain’t saying a DAMN WORD!

    • Mama you talking crap!!!!!!! BP said who he/she is the vice president of the youth arm of the DNA party the pic is also present.Now if you want to know his REAL name then call Branville and ask him no no tell him you demand to know who this punk is! remember Bran-new day promise he will be more accountable and answer any question from the Bahamian people..BP is a Bahamian and he aint answer BP especially the people like me on FB.Bran already showing he is a lair!!! Guess we gatta get this young man DNA aye…I am not green with drag queens in powerful positions of influence..F that!! in the words of BP they reported and the damn media still quiet..NOT A DAMN WORD!

  18. Seriously… because he is a cross-dresser he’s automatically preying on teens? You can’t knock the idea but you can’t judge people either. Several gay men are politicians. Bahamians need to stop being so silly… FNM gay members are fine but it’s an outrage in the DNA? :/

  19. Bran what y’all dealing with, you can’t be serious with this, how could you take somebody serious who isn’t sure about themselves. They don’t know whether or not if they want be man or woman. No, man Bran, this can’t work.

    • Kim is so right. If as an individual he’s confused, what in the world can he offer this already confused nation? More confusion? Bran, I was in, but the door just locked me OUT!

  20. Who is he/she?? As for sweethearting please name ONE of our representatives from both the PLP and FNM who has not done so??

  21. Bahamas Press stop, think and listen to the many cry of Bahamian people who are loosing their love one’s to murder almost on a daily basis, but the most you can do is follow what the DNA is doing yes its the political season and any thing would be said to distract people for a vote but with the rate of murder there will not be enought people even to vote, so for God sake lets look at the more important things that is really crippling our country DNA, PLP, FNM and we all as a people have to work together to turn this messy situation around that is turning our country into a war zone.

  22. Come on BP don’t u’all have any thing better to do then to hit on the DNA, people are being killed every day try and get a solution to this problem stop worring about the DNA and who is Drag Queen, God forbid have silly our Bahamian people are. Stop

    • South Beach Miami..comin under Bran..why you think je talking about 1st world…sounds good hey ask yourself whats in and allowed in the 1st world gay life! think i jokin go to the 1st world countries and see or better yet vote DNA..The man say God send him Muddasick..didn’t know God have punks in powerful position in heaven..inexperience he truly he is!

  23. Uuuummmmm BP,are you sure thats a MAN. Shucks i cant tell, wow. Really are some of these candidates serious about runningin the election with all this HOT MESS behind them?
    AND BP, did you hear about that meeting last night that the government held to give LAND to the illegals in the Mackey Yard area where they had that HUGE FIRE? INQUIRING minds would like to know if it true and WTH is going on in this Bahama Land?

  24. Branville McCartney seems to be modelling himself after U.S. President Barack H.Obama.Obama had hired an open homosexual to work in his administration as his Safe Schools Czar.The gentleman’s name is Kevin Jennings.He has since resigned.I hope Mr McCartney isn’t pro-gay. This country doesn’t need this foolishness.The DNA must expelled this perverted individual.Many Bahamians will never support a party that endorses homosexuality.We want change,but this kind.

    • the young man of which you all speak is not the young man in the picture this is a strong case of mistaking identity the young man in the picture was a very good an close friend of mine whom has sence past away. now the young man of which you all speak i also know very well an any one who know’s them both will tell you they look like identical twins

      • lil darling the young man that they speak about in the above picture is him and the one that died was his LOVER so stop givin the public false documents this is y the bahamas is like how it is now because of ppl like u who hides the truth and then pray afterwards that everything goes well because ya knw ya dun lie STOP IT.

    • So, by your statement your are referring that all homosexuals are perverted …!
      Wow….Some Bahamians are just so DAM stupid and ignorant.

      • “So, by your statement your are referring that all homosexuals are perverted …! Wow….Some Bahamians are just so DAM stupid and ignorant.”

        So now we are stupid and ignorant for knowing the fact that they are perverted and where did that word come from? Perversion… and thats what all homosexuals are all about choosing the alternative lifestyle.

        Both Religion and science proved that it is all in the mind/emotion and the devil trying to destroy the morality in this world and he had already got to you for you to ACTUALLY ENCOURAGE THIS SICKNESS

        • why are the bahamians doing thiss …it wasnt suppose to e this way girlss can dress like guyss in clothing but its nott okay for men to do the samee!!!!!!!!

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