Dredging of the seabed at the Royal Yacht Club of Nassau and we see no permit or silt curtains to protect the environment!


Where are the voices who are often concerned about the Environment and its protection? How come they are all quiet in this case?

Nassau – When we hear the theme “It’s the People’s Time”, one has to wonder which people, as BP has another investigation, this time coming out of the ROYAL Yacht Club of Nassau.

Right now a major dredging exercise is underway near the sea garden section of the Club where pilings are constructed. If you live and/or traverse the area, you would discover the seabed is being disturbed due to the construction. Heavy equipment is digging into the seabed and, from our own observation, we ask the following:

1) Where are the silt curtains required on such dredging sites?

2) Where is the work permit for the project? We at BP looked all around the area and saw none.

3) Where are the voices for the environment who can find themselves questioning Oban Energies but are numb to this construction?

4) Why is the Minister for the Environment so mute and silent about this development?

5) And where is the media, who, a few years back were called to the area by the Yacht Club, to report the killing of a turtle, but today have no news to report on these dredging exercises?

6) Where is Save the Bays these days, who are now witnessing this bay being destroyed and are dumb, deaf, mute and absent from the conversation?

A similar disturbance on the seabed is happening right now at Go Slow Bend in the Cable Beach area and yet nothing, not one environmental voice, can be heard.

Man, this is something, eh? It’s dese people time!

We report yinner decide!