Drivers must be careful when operating behind the wheel – three die this weekend in traffic fatalities – many more are left permanently injured!


Car engine left in the road of Mount Pleasant Village!

Nassau – The question of speed being a factor in the multiple road deaths in the capital is obvious as more lives are being lost every week to reckless driving around the country.

At last count, some three persons lost their lives on the streets of the capital and this is not all. An even greater number of persons are finding themselves permanently disabled and in need of serious healthcare assistance after many of the road accidents now engulfing our streets.

For years the problems of alcohol and drug abuse was to blame, but, more recently, the introduction of digital devices and their use during the operation of a vehicle, we believe, is at the heart of much of these road accidents unfolding in the country.

Then there is safety behind the wheel. On Friday, a small vehicle and one gang of kids collided in a scene, which was not deadly but still there were passengers with injuries. The combination of speed, the lack of tolerance and distractions all played roles in that incident. But we at BP want to remind drivers: driving is a singular function. You cannot drive and have a huge texting exercise going on at the same time. Driving must be done with due care and attention. KEEP YA EYES ON THE ROAD and on all the things happening around you. Drive within the speed limit. Watch for pedestrians; some who believe they own the road too.

Avoid drinking, drugs and, in many cases, eating while behind the wheel of an operating vehicle. These things distract. Share the road. Be courteous and kind. Exercise a level of patience when using the road. Put down the phone.

Bahamas Press brings this message to you. Drive to save this summer, Bahamas!

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