Driving made cheap strikes once again on Bay Street!

Woman his vehicle in front of Straw Market then flee scene. She drops her phone in the process.

Nassau| Someone knows this woman in the photo and police needs yinner help in locating her. Here is the story:

So on Friday the driver of a white Passo slammed into this other vehicle on Big Bay Street in front of the world famous Staw Market.

The female driver of the Passo jumped out of vehicle, picked up her bumper, hid it through the street. Jumped back into her Passo and fled the scene not checking for the condition of the driver she hit who is now in hospital. Boy these some cold wicked people eh?

Anyway, in the process she dropped her cell phone as she haul out of the area (all captured live on camera and CCTV).

If anyone knows this woman please call the police and tell her turn herself in. Wickedness on the road with these cars where driving is made cheap!

We report yinner decide!