Illegal Drug Depot Opp. New RBC Offices on Carmichael Road


dscf8850Nassau, Bahamas: Bahamas Press has gone once again to uncovered a serious crime problem that continues to plaque The Bahamas, ILLEGAL DRUG SELLING IN COMMUNITIES. This time the incidents occur in broad daylight on Carmichael Road near Faith Ave. opposite the new Royal Bank of Canada office complex.

At first glance one would agree that the area near Faith Ave. and Carmichael road is receiving a major explosion of development. In December Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham opened the new Milo Butler highway extension. And on this past Wednesday, Royal Bank opened its new southern New Providence office in the area.

However, spying just across the street from that new plush office spaces of RBC, Bahamas Press has uncovered serious nefarious activities. At first glace one would think that (where these men sit in the picture above) perhaps is another car wash or phone card depot. But after a week of investigating, Bahamas Press has uncovered what appears to be a DRUG SELLING DEPOT JUST ACROSS STREET OF THE NEW ROYAL BANK CANADA BUILDING on the main Carmichael Road.

On last week Friday Bahamas Press moving with a concerned resident, who lives in the southern area of the island, took us to this area and pointed us to this hangout on the main road.

“Here is where a main drug distribution point is, the persons there you see with the backpacks on are making the sales, selling drugs to young persons in the neighbourhood,” the resident said.

There as we looked across the street, we saw a few men with backpacks on their backs apparently having a casual chat. But suddenly, appeared a young man (around 18 – 20 years-old) with thick glasses on. As he came near the men he approached one of them, and another conversation began. Both men then moved near to a building under construction (left abandoned) behind the tent where the others were sitting to began their transactions.

Moving our binoculars closer in view of the deal, the seller reached into his backpack and retrieved a Ziploc bag filled with small rolls of white paper of what appeared to be drugs. There, making the deal in what they thought was out of the public view, could be seen by many from the main road. It just need someone like us to be paying attention. The transaction was made, the money exchanged and the deal was done.

Similar transactions continued over the next hour, where we witnessed some 7 individuals reenacted what we saw the first young man did.

Bahamas Press returned to the area to see if what we saw was just a one-day incident. But no, over a three-day period, the same crime was repeated.

Bahamians should become concern with the LEVEL OF LAWLESSNESS in this country. In broad DAY LIGHT, ON A MAIN HIGHWAY IN THE SOUTHERN AREA OF THE ISLAND, JUST OPPOSITE OF A NEW BANKING HEADQUARTERS, DRUG SELLING IS BOLDLY DONE IN THE PUBLIC VIEW, whilst authorities are paralyzed to do anything!

We wonder, how is it only Bahamas Press can see such illegal trading in the Bahamas and many who are empowered to investigate/arrest such actions cannot find the time to INVESTIGATE such crimes?

And added to this is our famous question, where are members of the WUTLESS MEDIA?

Now you our readers know for the third time where the drugs are sold in New Providence, let’s see what the authorities will do about it.

A view of Faith Ave. and Carmichael Road intersection where illegal drug transactions are done daily.


  1. Wwll good morning to you BP.I agree with you that we really sometime don’t know who to trust,but by posting this information on your blog it is there to inform the the public and to expose the wrong doers.The voice of the country can not be silence so don’t be discourged.Change we need and change we would get by reading BP daily.

  2. Well Andy these investigative pieces get little attention on this BLOG as you can see. CRIME exist in our communities because residents don’t know who to trust with their information anymore. One time ago that place belonged to newspapers in this country, They are all now gone GUTTER!


    AGAIN WE ASK THE QUESTION, IF WE WHO SERVE THIS COMMUNITY can stakeout and witness such an evil plaguing this country, why, WHY cannot those with the power of arrest find the time to do the same. THEY ARE PAID, we do it for LOVE OF COUNTRY!

    Here is why we continue to say, Bahamas find your voices ONCE AGAIN and COME WITH US and together LET US CHANGE OUR COUNTRY FOR THE BETTER!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  3. This is good to see that BP is exposing these drug sellers.We all need to write in and expose all drug sellers in all areas. KUDOS BP

  4. media: Please send a copy of your expose to Superintendant Wayne Miller at the Carmichael Station. Every person, who is aware of this kind of activity should report it to the police. It is a serious problem and is killing the youth of this nation in more ways than one. One of the reasons this continues is that it is seen as “easy money”. Another is that, for some reason, we have made “heroes” of the drug lords. The Court system must share in some of the blame too because along with sentencing the convicted dealers there is no follow-up with the confiscation of their property that was bought with the proceeds of their destructive trade. Until we hit them hard in the “pocket book” we will not be successful in stopping this scourge. This was a good one Media! Keep after them!

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