Drunk marine shipped out of administration hours after drinking at a bar in uniform!


NASSAU| One pile of garbage has invaded the RBDF and tonight, following our report yesterday, that Base First Lieutenant Elwood Simms was recorded at a bar in uniform “skinning” shots, was removed from his duties.

BP broadcasted the recording to over quarter of a million readers; as it exposed serious and dangerous disrespect for the uniform.

Simms was the marine who caused serious injury to a crew under his command on a new vessel which crashed at sea some three years ago. Yinner remember that? WAS HE DRUNK THEN?!

Well, he was moved out of Administration today (one of Raymond King’s handpicked goons) and placed in the squadron department. Yinner think something will change? There is a cancer on the RBDF and the lawless, shameless lowlifes needs to be GONE! The RBDF is headed to the DOGS! Literally!

How so many WUTLESS marines ended up on the RBDF is beyond us. We say it is because there is WUTLESSLESS LEADERSHIP at the top of the RBDF!

And we ga say it again and again and again – Raymond KING needs to GO! We ga soon say that in Bahamianese!

We report yinner decide!