Drunk Police Corporal lands himself in the ICU after collapsing last night on the job….


NASSAU| A drunken police corporal was hospitalized last night in the intensive care unit after collapsing on the job.

The officer is a known alcoholic who enjoys drinking on the job cups as he is being protected by high-ups on the RBPF.

A decent superior, who saw the drunken stupor of the officer, once relieved him of service weapon due to his insane behaviour while in the service. But some high-up ordered the weapon to be returned to the drunk. WHAT IS THIS?

The officer began to experience a rapid onset of confusion usually caused by withdrawal from alcohol. This afternoon he is being watched by the careful hands of doctors and we at BP hope the officer does not beat them up when he recovers as he has done victim after victim while on the force.

We report yinner decide!