Drunk RBDF sailor carry on bad in bar fight in Inagua!


A Royal Bahamas Defence Force Officer in drunken stupor attacks marine in Inagua? RBDF Officers suffering from serious mental fatigue since Dorian!

file photo

INAGUA| A young officer got drunk yesterday and got into an altercation with his subordinate which resulted in serious violent physical blows to the marine. 

The young marine attempted to get the drunk officer to calm down after he got into a drunken stupor at the popular Supers Restaurant and bar on the island.

The officer is attached to HMBS Madeira as Executive Officer and is a known problem. That same Madeira was recently extensively damaged on her starboard (right) side after a Dominican slammed into the vessel.

Some on the force say that Commodore Raymond King should stop giving appointments to these young, violent, immature, inexperienced green officers who continue to bring shame and disgrace on the RBDF! 

It is the view of many that the top brass of the Force should consider appointing persons with maturity, good judgement and those who can command respect inside and outside the institution. At this rate not even a cat will respect a drunken sailor!

The violent officer has been recalled to Coral Harbour Base for charges and possible dismissal as fighting is a definite no-no in the Force. Who respects an officer who cannot respect himself in public?

We report yinner decide!