Duane Sands and Branville McCartney now follows RODNEY MONCUR? From Hubert Ingraham to Rodney Moncur – VELL BLOW ME DOWN!!!!


15 JACKASS ‘NEGROES’ follow Moncur to block up Market Street! – Branville wants dicks chopped Moncur want necks popped – WHAT A LAUGH BP IS HAVING THIS MORNING!

Two FNMs feeling so rejected they have now joined and follows RODNEY MONCUR. Duane Sands and Branville McCartney!

Nassau, Bahamas — Rodney Moncur and some 15 Jackass ‘NEGROES’ including Duane Sands and Branville McCartney were up in the hot sun over the weekend blocking up traffic on Market Street. The misfits claim they want hanging back and believe that by marching up and down threatening themselves with stroke in the hot sun that will change the minds of the people deciding the fate of criminals on the next side of the world.

The last thing we need in the Bahamas is another traffic jam from some band of Jackasses who have nothing better to do than walk up and down in the hot damn sun all day.

Then the question is put: Where was this crew when we had four years of record murder, massacre and mayhem on the streets of the capital when Hubert Ingraham was in power? Of which Both Branville McCartney and Duane Sands served in the government at the time! No wonder it was a NO SHOW EVENT!

Boy, I tell ya, some people need to be placed under house arrest and shot with a tranquilizer when they leave their homes, ’cause 90% of the time they don’t know what the hell they are doing anyway…

New Day, same JACKASSES!