Duane Sands announced the awarding of the Hospital Cleaning Contract to EBCO and Cartwright Cleaning Co.


Barbara Hanna’s Magic Touch sacked in cleaning PMH….

Details of the New PMH Cleaning Contract not published in the official Gazette.

NASSAU| Minister Duane Sands has now announced that two new companies have been awarded new cleaning contracts for the Princess Margaret Hospital.

BP can report EBCO and Cartwright Cleaning Co. are the recipients of the hospital cleaning contract, which back in 2017 was awarded for two years – in a controversial process – to Barbara Hanna’s Magic Touch Cleaning Company.

The contract, we know, was awarded as an inducement for her participation in the Frank Smith case, which resulted in two Cabinet Ministers, namely Minister of Health Duane Sands and Minister for National Security Marvin Dames, being judicially condemned by Chief Magistrate Joy-Ann Ferguson Pratt.

From documents shown to us, EBCO Cleaning Company and Janitorial Services was awarded some Four Hundred and Twenty-Two Thousand Two Hundred and Sixteen Dollars and eighty-five cents [$422,216.85 ] to clean the Food Services Department at PMH.

Cartwright Enterprises, the second recipient, has been awarded the balance of some One Million Five Hundred and Twelve Thousand Four Hundred and Ninety-Six Dollars and Thirty cents [$1,512,496.30]. The company will clean the Critical Care Block, A/E, Dialysis and the Main Public Corridors at PMH.

The contracts took affect from April 1st, 2019 and will continue to March 31st , 2020.

According to our investigations, no records of any public advertising of the contracts were published in the official gazette.

Back in 2017, just weeks before the Frank Smith case opened, Barbara Hanna’s Magic Touch cleaning company was awarded a big juicy contract to clean the hospital although the company was not the lowest bidder. Magic Touch was at the time not current with all taxes due, but yet was awarded by SANDS the $1,862,978.12 contract. The Minister evaded all the systems that were designed to properly protect the Government.

We report yinner decide!