Duane Sands first cousin and former Cabinet Minister for Immigration questioned by police overnight…

Former Cabinet Minister Elma Campbell-Chase and son Che Chase.

NASSAU| Elma Campbell- Chase has now been held in police custody overnight for a second night as detectives open an alleged fraud investigation.

The former Cabinet Minister for Immigration along with her son, Che Chase, has been questioned over some $1.6 million allegedly stolen out of the Ministry of Tourism.

BP is also learning that Elma is the first cousin of Health Minister Duane Sands. He went on a wicked attack with BP yesterday over speculation of health concerns in the country. Sands, called for Bahamas Press to be shutdown and banned off the Internet. So much for the Minister of Disaster and Confusion. Mr Sands and we wish him well with your undemocratic communistic thinking. He, we know, will never be PM.

We at BP will be following these developments as they progress. From what we know US officials have gotten involved in the investigation, which also involved a US-based company.

At least two banks are also involved and are assisting police. The Financial Intelligence Unit is also assisting with this investigation. No comment with the ongoing investigation has come from the Minister for Tourism Dionisio D’Aguilar!

Readers should recall how James Dean, 31, a former fixed asset officer at BPL, and his co-accused, attorney Che Chase [Elma’s son], 35, of Fox Hill were both charged back in 2017 with 41 counts of fraud, one count of conspiracy to commit fraud and 11 counts of falsification of accounts.

Duane ‘HEARTLESS’ Sands is Chase first cousin.

The pair were alleged to have defrauded the electricity company BPL of just under $1.9 million. When BP followed the investigations which were first tipped by senior US investigator the figure of fraud was more than twice that to have been stolen through an elaborate ring involving bankers, lawyers, and teams inside the electricity corporation. Nothing has been heard of that case since and some believe it was swept under that big “dutty” rug after some staff in the accounts department at BPL were sacked.

And now we have this scam of more public money from the public everyone is quiet. What in the hell is this?!

We report yinner decide!