Duane Sands is unfit to serve in the Healthcare department – which is now in intensive care!


When will these doctors in Cabinet understand that citizens are dying due to their neglect to healthcare?!

PM Minnis and Health Minister Duane Sands.

Nassau – Cabinet Minister Duane Sands has his hands full as healthcare has slipped into intensive care as a result of serious leadership neglect and abandonment.

Healthcare is in a crisis in the Bahamas. Nurses and doctors are upset, a sinkhole has opened in one of the satellite operations, there is a medicine shortage, bed shortage, and morgue space shortage all around the healthcare facility.

The autoclave machines in the central sterilisation department at PMH are down and some instruments are being washed by hand. The dialysis machines are down and some patients are battling serious infections as a result. Healthcare in the Bahamas is in a crisis under the supervision of two doctors. And it is no wonder PM MOST HONOURABLE EVER refused to call Minister Duane Sands when he reported at the emergency room at PMH last week. We don’t blame him.

But while all this goes down, Duane Sands is in the operating theatre getting paid for his work in Healthcare. Rather than fixing our problems, setting policies and finding solutions to these and many other crisis, Sands is busy collecting $300 bribes while healthcare goes to the dogs.

PM Hubert Minnis – ‘MOST HONOURABLE EVER’ – is aware of all of these problems and yet is paralyzed and cannot deal with these multiple matters plaguing the systems of Healthcare in the nation. WHY?

We report yinner decide!