Duane Sands, Private Insurance, the Dying Dailies and the Medical Cartel are collectively all against Bahamians!


Why would STUPID PEOPLE oppose a New Hospital and Modernizations in Healthcare for Bahamians? WHY?

Hundreds dead following Hurricane Dorian left in trailers after Heartless Duane Sands failed to issue death certificates.

NASSAU| It is no surprise to Bahamas Press to see how operatives connected with the Medical Cartel in the Bahamas are against progress in healthcare. 

Today the Nassau Guardian in its continued push against the advancement in healthcare for the Bahamian people have come out once again to discourage a new speciality hospital for the citizenry. Perhaps their ties to private insurance and private healthcare systems is fueling this marriage – but we at BP are here to expose it!

We wonder if the Medical Cartel, with its agents like HEARTLESS Duane Sands and the morning dailies, has lined their pockets so handsomely with profits in healthcare that they would rather patients die before they agree that we in this country should have modern healthcare systems for the people. 

These are the same people who are against National Health Insurance and the vast upgrades across the satellite clinics now underway by the Davis Government.  

We at BP are prepared to go after the Medical Cartel and Duane Sands every damn day until they stop their nonsense and foolish talk against health! STOP IT!

We report yinner decide!