The AfreximBank Meeting last week will open new doors of development and growth for the region…

Bahamas Prime Minister Philip E. Davis (right)  engage in discussion with Professor Benedict Oramah, President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of The African Export Import Bank, at the agreement signing ceremony. (Photo by Calvin Brown RBDF)

NASSAU| World leaders from the continent of Africa who assembled at Bahamar this past week are a testament to the great work the Davis Government is doing across the world in promotion of the Bahamas. 

As World and Caribbean leaders gathered, The Bahamas became a center for global deals which matured in millions in loans for the development of nations around the world. 

A 7,200 guest presence at the Conference brought strong buying power, dropping plenty of money in local stores and long booking stays at high end resorts and gated communities in New Providence. You could not get inside a restaurant around the island and even fast food chains this past week were kept busy. THIS IS GOOD NEWS!

With the Afreximbank Annual Meeting came the real money with a gathering of some of the wealthiest people on the planet!

In short, the people who sell gold, diamonds, special minerals and to the WEST were all in our yard telling us to come and do business directly with them.  THIS IS A GAME CHANGER! Some 30 years from now with Africa on this trend it will become a world powerhouse.

Bahamas Press commends the DAVIS GOVERNMENT for hitting another home run for Bahamians, opening new doors of development, growth and prosperity for our people. 

We report yinner decide!