Duane Sands set to BREAK UP THE FNM as the party is set to be crushed at the polls…

Barbara ‘BAG FULL A MONEY’ Hanna and Minister Duane Sands!

Nassau| Comments inside the chats of the FNM are becoming tense and the more we read them the more evidence is revealed that the FNM is headed for a crushing defeat at the polls.

But the greatest weapon inside the party causing the sparks of the Governing Party’s destruction is the former Minister for Health Duane Sands.

Sands was overheard seriously talking down the plans of the Minnis Government and castigating the state of the hospital in the midst of a global pandemic.

Sands, many remember, was the one who attacked the use of vaccines and went on record suggesting that he will not take a vaccine for COVID19.

The Bad Candidate paying a voter counterfeit out of his car during the election some years back

But now, with multiple deaths, the hiding of deaths and the uncontrolled number of deaths in the wake of the pandemic, Sands has flopped on his decision. WHAT IS THIS?

And while there remains a spiraling crisis, the soon to be defeated MP for Lizzy is talking down the FNM, disgracing the party in public and private and showing his disregard for the Government.

In short, to the delight of BP, Duane Sands is working against the Free National Movement in this upcoming snap General Election that is only weeks away. 

We cannot wait!

We report yinner decide!