Eddie Long has landed on Paradise Island and ONLY BP has the exclusive shots


What does this story tell you about the WUTLESS MEDIA and the Christian Council?

EDDIE LONG At Atlantis Ballroom this week. Senior Bahamian preachers are expected to join the Spirit and Truth Conference underway on Paradise Island.

More than five Hundred Persons have registered according to reports – A Packed house expected tonight!!!

Nassau, Bahamas — No one would believe us! No media would report it. The Christian Council of the Bahamas is mute and the Church cannot say AMEN!

Here in Nassau, Bahamas, disgraced televangelist Eddie Long is holding the Spirit and Truth Conference on the shores of the Atlantis Resort.

Today, only Bahamas Press has the exclusive footage of the LONG Conference happening now underway on Paradise Island.

Members of the Christian Council, who has all ‘kinda’ mouth about Gambling, say they didn’t know anything about The Long Conference that was posted on BP months ago.

But BP knew about it, and today we provide exclusive photos of the event now taking place.

BP special correspondent in the room at the registration desk confirmed some 500 followers have registered for the conference, and this is just the beginning. After mega Bahamian pastors join tonight’s session, the crowd may swell to Clifford Park. And we shall monitor the door and see who is entering tonight.

It will cost believers as much as $100 to hear the word preach, and while some mothers stressing out they MP for the rent, guess what? They ‘gern’ [GOING]!

What are we telling our children in the country? What wicked hypocrisy! The BCC, nor the Press mentioned not a word about this development, yet they want to lecture us about how we should behave when gambling our money?


We ga report and yinner ga decide! And as we say, “If ya don’t laugh you will cry!”

Praise and Worship at the Spirit and Truth Conference with Eddie Long at Atlantis Paradise Island.
Dance Ministry make presentation.
Eddie Long greeted by Bahamian fans.


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