Educators at the Prison Service cannot get a cheque for months from the government!


Customs Officers overtime still pending for more than seven months!

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Nassau| A team of retired educators have become the victims of the brutal hoggish Minnis Regime as Bahamas Press reveals how none have been paid for months.

The band of educators, who took it upon themselves to serve the country by attempting to teach offenders at the prison how to read and write, have not been paid for more than three months.

Every week, the team gathers together to instill education in many who could not help themselves while on the street. They were to be rewarded with a small stipend to help them along the way.

The Minnis Regime and its incompetence have failed the teachers and have no plan to continue the programme. We don’t know what will happen soon up at the prison when the support is discontinued.

Meanwhile, at Customs, officers have not been paid their overtime for the past seven months. But, while Customs Officers are not paid, the Minister and other Cabinet Ministers are jetting all around the world in large delegations, staying in hotel rooms that cost in excess of $5,000 USD per night.

One Cabinet Minister is right now somewhere deep in Asia and another is under the globe in Australia. Meanwhile the nurses can’t get paid their overtime. The Customs Officers are without pay for some seven months, the police are headed to the unemployment lines, nurses are leaving the hospitals in droves and the small retirees at the prison can’t get their stipends.

PM Most Honourable Ever – can’t you see ya Minister of Finance is making sure you don’t have a job after the next election is called?

We report yinner decide!