Four released and charges dropped on Fraud and Money Laundering claims


Charges against Kylon Vincent, Chris Symonette, Stefanie Collie and James Wildgoose were all dropped!!!

Magistrate Court

BP BREAKING| We have breaking news from the courts where four of the five persons charged in that Fraud and Money Laundering claims alongside Michelle Reckley have all been released with charges dropped moments ago.

Back in February Urban Renewal Deputy Director Michelle Reckley was arraigned on 21 charges relating to allegedly defrauding the Urban Renewal Small Homes Repairs programme in Grand Bahama of over $1.2m.

At the time of those 21 charges, three relate to money laundering offences, and two others were brought in connection with corruption offences. Reckley was arraigned alongside five co-conspirators – all of whom were charged with offences related to fraud, money laundering, conspiracy and abetment.

The claims were believed to be political persecutions.