Egregious failures plagues the MET Department of the Bahamas


14126_380599773506_525283506_3961654_6386438_nNassau, BahamasBahamas Press has uncovered massive failures plaguing the Meteorological Departments of the Bahamas as the government receives it ‘tainted’ report following the tornado disasters on the Island of Grand Bahama on May 29th.

Today Bahamas Press convenes an open court where we shall layout the facts involving the disaster and table papers now in our possession on the MET office. To set off this session we the ‘Media Justices’, which have become the watchdogs of these Bahama Islands, are appalled at the lost of life following the incidents, which unfolded at the Hutchison’s Container Port site on the 29th day of March, 2010. We the presenters of these papers do extend our heartfelt sympathies to the families of Micheal Young, Clever Lowe and Shawn Saunders. This Court intends layout the facts. We intend to prove that the men who lost their lives this tragic situation could have been avoided. We shall continue to layout the facts over the coming days.

In fairness to the Government of the Bahamas we are now advised by sources in the OPM that the minister with responsibility for the MET office has launched an investigation following this tragedy. We can confirm that that investigation has concluded. We at BP know it was done by the #2 man in the MET department, Trevor Basden, who interviewed all senior officers including; Godfrey Burnside and Basil Dean and others outlining the facts as to why what happened did indeed happen.

Hereto, BP is concerned with the Government attempting to investigate itself. We believe an independent commission should be appointed to look into the matter and heads should roll wherever negligence took place. The document prepared by Basden on the investigation was given to persons who were interviewed in the investigation. Hmmmmmm!

Bahamas Press has reviewed the report also and we again say, the Government of The Bahamas, particularly in this case, cannot investigate itself! On this we say no more.

BP is also advised by our deep throat, heads will roll following this fallout, as two new senior officers in the department are being summoned to assume control at the MET station at the Lynden Pindling Airport early today. Both officers we are told will likely replace two of five senior officers stationed there.

Our investigations tabled to you the people will cover a wide scope of information involving the MET department. From FRAUD by officers, to system failures on the family islands to rogue human capital and wastage within the department.

Bahamas Press has all the files and we stand ready to deliver to you the People of this HIGH COURT all the facts.  We promise you these revelations are indeed shocking and will result in a very bumpy ride. Fasten your seat belts and Stay Tuned!