Soca tells Christie I ga sail away like Rolly Gray…Ingraham bails Forbes out of financial straits!



  1. I wouldn’t say that it was a deal per say but I made it very clear to Tommy when we talked that if I were to consider this opportunity to head URCA, it would be with the understanding and blessings of my leader the Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie and the PLP.(Taken from Facebook).Picewell was interviewed and this is what he said.the man aint no traitor.I am satisfied even though very pissed when the story first leaked. 

  2. BP ya always da first out da gate in my view. I see other media catching onto this hot piece now.

  3. if you ever wanted confirmation that these guys enter politices just to see what they can get, here is clear evidence…greedy, greedy,…absolutely no self-conviction.

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