Picewell accepts URCA Chairman Post – This one for Rolly Gray


Forbes&MitchellContempt<<< Picewell ‘Soca’ Forbes

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press stands by our story. Picewell ‘Scoa’ Forbes has already accepted the position as Chairman of URCA on Friday. We can confirm the confirmation to accept the post came on Friday.

You would remember we at BP told you over the weekend; Forbes met with Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest and also engaged an emergency meeting with PLP leader Perry G. Christie on his acceptance.

URCA is a statutory body and therefore Forbes does not have to resign his seat in the Parliament to be Chairman. He can sit in the House just like Malcolm Adderley. We however believe he will resign his seat.

By Friday of this week ‘Soca’ Forbers will seated as Chairman and you can take that to the bank cause that is where ‘Soca’ ga take his cheque.


  1. Ya know, when you guys first said that BTC was bought by Cable, I figure you guys were off a bit. But story after story is off. Can you guys PLEASE confirm things before posting them online. it only kills your credibility.

  2. Well, unless this isn’t Soca’s letter, I rest my case, it would be asinine to put the country through another stupid bye-election for someone’s petty ways, I know I’m not wrong much, if ever at all, I love his country, I’M OUT!!.

  3. 12th April, 2012

    News Statement by
    Picewell Forbes MP
    South Andros
    For Immediate Release

    Responding to media speculation

    In response to speculation in the media, I release the following for public information:

    I do not welcome the endless speculation in the press about my future with the Progressive Liberal Party, much of it misguided and inaccurate. It seems to be part of someone’s agenda to again  reserve the act of public service to those who are wealthy and not to people like myself who have modest means. The PLP’s historic mission has been to allow men and women of modest means to serve their country. I embrace that mission and that history.

    My personal expenses and those of my family are my personal and private business.  My life is not a circus.  When I made the decision to enter public life I was fully aware of the ups and downs that it entailed and the sacrifices that it required.

    The attempts to reduce my contributions to this country down to some sordid economic motive do me a great disservice.

    My goal, as a committed public servant has always been to give of my best for and on behalf of all Bahamians and any future undertaking that I contemplate will be in the interest of fulfilling that goal.

    It is clear that there are some in the Government who believe that I can contribute to the running of the country.  I thank them for their interest but I do not want anyone to seek to mischaracterize proposals and discussions for other levels of public service with crossing the floor and not being a PLP.

    I was elected a PLP.  I am a PLP.  I do not intend to move from the PLP and I am sure it has always been understood by all concerned that I am, and I shall remain a loyal and disciplined member of the Progressive Liberal Party upon whose platform I was elected by the wonderful people of my hometown, South Andros.

    I am in my constituency now.  My constituents have given me a great deal of comfort and support.  I do not intend to let them down or to embarrass the PLP in any way.  There will be no bye-election in South Andros by any action that I will take.  I spoke to the Leaders of the PLP today including Party Leader Rt. Hon. Perry Christie and assured them of this position.

    Let there be no doubt that Picewell Forbes’ commitment to Bahamians and to The Bahamas remains unchanged.  Let there also be no doubt that my loyalty, my discipline and my commitment to my Leader, Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie; to the Progressive Liberal Party and to its ideals upon which I was elected, shall not change.

    I look forward to serving out my term in the House of Assembly under the banner of the PLP.
    —  end  —

  4. Money talks and island boy walks, maybe in this case S K  I P P I N G

    Hopefully, BE BRAVE will step up to the plate and may up the  salary difference .

  5. Again, if this story is true, the Bahamian people need to be a shame, angry and pissed of at these politicians playing with their money and their lives, we must be the stupidest people on this earth, we are used by foreigners(legal and illegal), will we waste funds on another bye-election?, we are the gullible laughing
    stocks of this planet, who how allow their leaders to sell them out, SHAME!!!!!.

  6. Hmmm.. what goes up must come down. What goes around comes around. KARMA to both Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham.

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