Election Coming – And the marketplace has turned into a quiet desert! MAKE THEM HEAR YOU – GO REGISTER!


NASSAU| So I went to the barber today to begin to look like people again now that a General Election is looming.

The barbershop was empty. I was on time for my appointment an interestingly, for my entire there was no one in the chairs.

Looking as old as Moses in all my long Biblically looking grays I ask the barber carefully, “Where the People?”

In his strong Caribbean tongue the replay came, “Erryting mashup mi brudda…no money ya see.” hmmmmm. I was paying in quarters so I quickly got the point.

Some 45 minutes later – all done – still, no one was inside or outside the shop awaiting a haircut. A shop that traditionally was a busy market had turned into a desert stop in the pandemic.

Three barbers in the shop and one social media influencer in the chair (me) and yet even the once busy loud debating chamber had been hushed like a morgue. What is this?

As I left the shop giving a Nixon wave I ended that stop with these words, “Dis ga be long! See yall if LIFE LASTS!”

Election coming!